Thursday, December 24, 2009

i have to share...

I have found two new sights that I love.
One is a designer's blog.  
She went to Auburn.
Lives in Grayton Beach.
Just had a baby.
Is my age.
Ps....I love her.
She has been my closest friend during the renovation.
Sad but true.  She has helped me pick out colors, get inspiration, narrow down lighting choices etc.  You get the point...I love her.

Second is Anthropologie on the cheap.
No lie.  Ruche is super cute affordable "anthropologie style" clothes on the cheap.
It is awesome.  And they are doing a giveaway right now.
Check the link on the side of my blog.

Merry Christmas everybody!
So grateful Jesus came to earth for our salvation.
He is truly our contentment and peace.
Much love,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

for uncle jack and aunt linda

We are traveling to Seattle for Thanksgiving.
Josie is excited.  We made a video for Uncle Jack and Aunt Linda.

Sorry it is sideways.
Aunt Linda and Uncle Jack,
We are excited to spend time together with everyone!
See you soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sick pumpkin

Update, I have now been sleeping on the pull out couch (with Russ of course) for a good month.  Here is a picture of a smidgen of our chaos.  The Lord has surely taught me to relinquish control by now right??Here are some pictures of the sweetest strawberry you have ever seen while she trick-or treat's around our neighborhood.

I have one cute little sick pumpkin (just a bad cold) therefore we were at home the whole day.  (Which I am not good at....) I lasted till about 4:00 and then I quickly made up an errand that needed to be done. i.e. get contractor trash bags from Lowe's...really?? I also, in my mom intuition, decided that Josie had a sore throat.  Which called for a frosted orange from The Varsity. Yes, I am Frankie Queen's not only does a Coc-a-cola fix a headache but a frosted orange from the Varsity fixes a sore throat.  

Two funny children happenings occurred today amidst our house of renovation craziness and child with sickness.  These two worlds colliding produce one freed up Mama.  If not, I would cry the whole day.    

So I am in Josie's room putting away her clothes when I realize... "it is way too quite in there."  I walk in the den to see Josie painting Thomas with her red Tylenol.  How could I not laugh and take a picture??.... Awesome.

Second happening, in our kitchen a wall was torn down.  Well there is a place on the floor that is waiting to be patched up.  Josie tripped on it this evening and landed her fanny directly in Thomas' water bowl.  It was hilarious.  I wanted to take a picture but Josie was in some distress so I thought that might be cruel.  Water was everywhere.
Hope you got a laugh with us!
I hope to be a better blogger.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

renovation time...again

we are currently involved in the largest renovation of our home to date.  (our reason for the lack of blogging.)  for those of you that know our house these are some of the changes, so far.
* our room is now josie's room
* russ and i have been sleeping on the pull out couch for 2 weeks now.
(i kind of like watching tv while going to sleep, i feel like i am on vacation)
* our closet has thrown up and exist on our dinning room table
* there are strange men in our house a lot.
* no cleaning for me...the house is a wreck all the time and will only get worse

the goal is a master suite (bathroom and walk-in closet).  things are coming along really well. when you live in an old small house little things seem really great.  russ and i are so excited to not have share a sink or a closet.  

hopefully, the saw dust will settle soon and i can upload some pictures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Josie is enthralled with shoes these days.  I have to say, she gets that from her mother.  Hello!!! What girls does not love shoes?!  She found KC's old boots at my mom's house.  We brought them home and they have won the "toddler entertainer award" for the month.  She is so amused just slipping, stomping and sliding around the house with them on.  It is quite funny and helpful.  I can hear when she falls or has stopped to get into something else.  A friend said, "It is like bell on a cow."  Hmmmm.

The "toddler entertainer award" was held by my running shoes, last month.  Girlfriend would sit for 20 to 30 minutes trying to untie, tie, tangle.... those laces.  She has mad skills! 

I will leave you with some recent pictures.

We visited Burt's farm again this year.  We have been enjoying this weather, any chance we can get!

Friday, September 11, 2009

mom intentions...

We have a new niece.  Sherry, Russ' sister, had her sweet baby girl, Alyssa Clare last night (when the c-section was scheduled for Wednesday the 16th....hmmmm).  Alyssa wanted to be the one to pick her birthday, apparently.  

Alyssa's older sister, Emma, just had her 3rd birthday.  My creative mom intentions took the pictures that are to follow.  Did I mail them to Emma? No, I forgot.  Did I get them developed? No, I forgot.  Did I send them to Sherry in an email? No, I forgot.

Well, here is to remembering about 3 weeks late. (I did remember to mail the birthday present).

Her personality is really starting to come out.  The "let me start to figure this out."  
Next, "I am really cute." 
Third,  "I need to go somewhere other than here."
(I believe this last phrase is the most common statement in her smart little brain.)

And here is my sweet baby girl a year ago.  Wow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

come on Fall...

I love fall.  Always have. Always will.  Here is just a small list of the things I love in the fall.
1.  festivals (Grant Parks was this weekend) such good food  and crafts.
2.  hiking (everyone in our family loves it and it wears everyone no cost)
3.  Georgia football (i heart college football a lot)
4.  fall clothes (gotta love the jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt)
5.  weather (love the cool weather and little humidity)

Well, our family started a little early on the hiking deal.  We headed to North Georgia for a fun afternoon the other weekend.  Thomas is being a little shy here.  Josie loved riding on our backs.  She had her own game of trying to touch/grab the leaves along the way.

We visited the Yellow River Game Ranch the other week.  We had a blast with all the animals.  Josie loved it.  Getting as close as possible to each one.  Remember fearlessness has no boundaries.  Especially when you best friend is a 100 lion/dog.  She was hilarious.  Bella and Katie came too.

This picture cracks me up.  I wanted to take a picture with the Billy Goat because he has a 
goat-tee like dad/Russ.  Upon getting close he let our a yell.  It surprised both Josie and I, therefore giving us a great picture.  

Friday, August 21, 2009

my news...

I have to confess I have been withholding information to the blog world.
I am going back to work.
Part-time, Tuesdays and Thursday mornings while Josie is at Parents Morning Out.
I am working again at the Lovett School.
I am really excited.  I know that sounds dorky.  Who likes to go to work?  I do.  I guess it is in my blood.  My dad loves to work, my older brother Kevin loves to work and, not so little, KC loves to work.  

Thank goodness I am a combination of my mom too.  In which I also love to spend some time with people.....not working.  So this is the perfect combination for me.

I was born to teach.  I love it.  I crave it and it all makes me feel like I am walking out in the gifts God has given me.  

This job really fell in my lap.  Thanks to some caniving co-workers at Lovett.  But I am really excited!  Happy back to school for me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

some good thoughts/reminders on being a wife

check out my friends blog.  
her friend wrote it. 
just good reminders, even when you are in a good spot.

scroll down to the 3rd post.

Friday, August 14, 2009

josie + the beach= love

My whole family went to Destin last week.  It was great!  My parents rented a huge house for all of us and our kiddos to fit.  And remember this is Gramps and Mimi, therefore each grandchild shall have their own room (if desired) for the best sleeping accommodations.  Can we say "rock star" in mom language!?!  It was great! Oh wait, I already said that.  I mean it!

Typical beach activities took place.  So let me give you the low down on Josie and the beach. Before leaving I took it upon myself to ask other moms their beach "tips."  What do you do about a child and the waves?  "Just let her get knocked down by one and she will then stay away from the water."  Not my Miss Priss.  We are FEARLESS!!!  Josie got knocked down by a wave and while getting up proceeded to get knocked down by another wave.  As I picked her steamrolling self up full of saltwater I was excited for her to now stay away from the water....she pushed herself out of my arms to do it all again!  Needless to say... it did not work.  She wanted to walk up and down the shore over and over and over.  People ask Russ and I how we got so much sun.  Our little Josephine, that is how!

A few action shots....

Let me make the disclaimer that I was hoping Josie would join me in not liking the beach.  Yep.  It is true.  I am not a huge fan.  I don't like sand, saltwater, hot-ness, stickiness, standing around in my under garments etc.  You get the point.  But Josie had me converted rather quickly.  I had to enjoy it for her safety.

Here are a couple of picture from our fun trip.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Friday, July 31, 2009


we have kisses and more kisses flying around this place.
josie has learned how to kiss.  
step one: lean forward
step two: say mmmm...awhhh
mission accomplished.
this is only to be used on baby dolls, family members and josie loves to make sure thomas gets his kisses too.

she has started sitting with him in the floor.
she will pick up whatever she wants to play with. 
then find thomas and sit or lean on him, as close as possible.
he is a great dog! who knows what he does behind my back.  
(i am pretty sure lots of his kisses are involved.)

Friday, July 24, 2009

summer travels leg #2

so i got home from boston on a saturday morning. and packed up to travel to wake forest, nc on sunday morning.  erin hale mattox and her two kids along with josie and i packed into erin's mini-van and set our sites along 85 North.  3 kids under three and 2 adults.  we are two tough women.  the kids did great!  erin and i did great too. we actually got to have lots of conversation.  of course we had the need to stop for some peanut m&m's, but they were well worth it.  

stephanie was such a great host. she had good food ready at every turn.  and the robinson's were amazing to let us stay at their house while they were away.  stephanie also has her rendition of the week, so feel free to check it out.

the first day we went to jumpin beans.  one would think josie would be too little, right?  not so much!  i have a little dare devil on my hands.  no fear, independent, thrill seeking daughter.  ok so she has my looks but russ' personality.
i carry her up the slide steps.  set her down on all fours so that i can finish climbing myself.  before i have gotten to the base at the top she has already rounded the corner and slide down on her own.  she did this repeatedly.  of course the time i tried to film the sliding, things got a little crazy.  even though it appears i threw my daughter down.  i did not. believe it or not...she liked it.

josie loved playing with emalyn her real live baby doll.  she said "baaaby" a lot and tried to share paci's.  can you find emalyn amist all the baby gear....geez la weez.

thursday we went to the cutest park ever.  pullin park.  they had kid rides all for $1.  this was josie's first experience at all this.  for the most part she loved it.

swings, sand and the carousel.  with the carousel she was petrified.  tearing my shirt off so that i would not put her up on the horse alone.  i couldn't blame her i hate going around and around too.  dang motion spoils so much fun.

this is what we call "THE GRANDPA FACE".  josie started making this "no teeth" face a couple months ago.  it is not cute.  let's be honest.  but it is really funny.

the sign of a dare devil.  we get on the train. the whistle blows.  and her hands go up.  ready to ride.  she has never ridden a train before but she obviously loved it.  her hands went up several times during the ride.  i love her!
a highlight of the trip for erin and i was being able to find and buy many BOXES of pampers for $4 and $5.  this is the set up.  rylan has to go potty 30 minutes into the drive home.  erin pulls off to go to mcdonald's.  i say "let's go to the rite aid. it will be cleaner."  erin and rylan return from the potty.  i notice shock on erin's face. "you will never believe this. their pampers are on sale form 75% off.  making them $5." kristy..."shut up!" we are so packing the mini-van full of diapers.  $32 dollars later we have 700 diapers packed in the van.  it was very exciting. to say the least.  here are some great pics from our diaper extravaganza.

and a sweet picture of rylan sleeping on the way home.  a week with this many girls, is tough on any man!

leg #2

from boston we took the midnight bus (literally) to cape cod.  where we woke julie up  at 2 am to pick us up from the bus stop.  she was such a wonderful hostesses.  i know we stretched her to the limit too.  thanks jewels!

bad picture taker....x100.  i got 'NO pics of me and julie.  how is that possible?  i am embarassed.  hopeful the other girls got some.  geez.  i get out on my own and still can't take good pics.  i guess i was totally freed up.

nantucket is an island off of masachussets.  it literally looks like a magazine in every way possible.  we rented a jeep wrangler...took the top off and drove the whole island in like 2 hours.  it was beautiful.  imagine low 70's with the sun shining and the wind from the ocean.

and yes these are random people's homes we are taking pictures of.

please click to enlarge the pics below to really enjoy it.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

summer travels leg #1

call me crazy.  call me flexible.  whatever you call me.....i had a lot of fun.

on july 8th i left atlanta, josie-less with two sweet friends from church.  we headed for Boston and Cape Cod.  courtesy of my friend julie.  she works in boston, lives in cape cod and it works out really well to have her as a friend.  not to mention she is hilarious and fun surrounds her.  it was a great laughing getaway.  due to christi's camera being so great.  i barely took any pictures.  this is what i got. from Boston, Cape Cod and Nantucket.

on the T in Boston.  christi being sweet. meredith being too cool to take a picture on the T. 
this is my favorite pic of the whole trip.  in the Harvard bookstore.  i was so excited to go in there and browse.  i love all things paper and pens.  they had a HUGE pen section.  it was wonderful.  yes, i tested many pens.  and i loved it. and it was allowed.

and because i am a nerd.  or a wanna be nerd.  i made christi and meredith go with me on a tour of harvard.  it was great.  so interesting.  and led by a student at harvard.  i loved every minute.  ok maybe not the last 10 minutes. 

picture of the last 10 minutes below.  christi and mere bored in the left corner.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

snowcones, floats and a parade

we were at the lake for the fourth of july and in decatur for the parade.  it was a fun day.  josie loved watching the kids riding their bikes in the parade. we were stationed at the bottom of a hill so it was quite funny watching the kids with some major speed collide with other kids.

ice cream.  we love the free cone at bruster's!  especially on Granny's birthday.  granted this did mean Josie yelled in her crib for 15 minutes before falling asleep.  those dang sugar highs.
we love the lake.  josie is a water bug for sure.  she loves to ride in the boat and float in the water.  she is a masterson!

Josie had her first taste of a snowcone a few weeks ago.  Tiger's blood of course! It made me reminisce about the tropical snow in front of Quality Foods growing up.  my dad was all about some shaved ice. josie was all about some tiger's blood.

oh i love thee.
i will leave you with my most favorite sound in all the earth! (video below)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

burfday celebrations!!!

first day of being one....breakfast name treat (ganked from the Jenkins)
couldn't do pancakes yet...I started with croissants and eggs.

We had a leadership dinner for church at the Gray's house.  Mrs. Linda got Josie a cupcake.  She was say the least.

On Saturday we had family over to celebrate.  Here are some pictures from our celebration beforehand.  Needless to say, I had someone else take pictures during the party.  (Don't have those yet.)

Cousin Emma gave Josie this baby stroller.  Here we have her with her two favorite things.  Books and a stroller.  She did this all by herself.  Obviously,  I feel her face in this picture shows she is "busted."

We have an official walker.  She is a girl on the move, loving every minute of this freedom.  Literally, it took her one day to figure up how to stand up on her own.  She is one determined little girl.  Pretty sure she got that from Russ.

Apparently it is innate within girls to accessorize.