Thursday, January 21, 2010

i am jealous...

of people with nice cameras.
Like Darby.  First off you have a cute name like Darby. 
And and an awesome camera. And a super cute house and family.
So this is my lame reason for not posting a lot lately....jealousy.  

My camera is dumb, and lame and takes 400 seconds to actually take a picture of Josie after I push the button.  Therefore, I get NO actual cute pictures because the smile or funny moment has already occurred 400 seconds ago when I pressed the button for the first time.

A little shirt-less dancing.  Sorry she is a wild woman at times and no silly dress was going to hold her back from break dancing.
I used to be jealous of people with closets.  Especially, custom closets.  Now, I am one of those people.  I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see all of my clothes in one place.  There were many faithful long lost friends that I have reconnected clothing budget is thankful!

But of course my Josephine is precious and we have cute pictures despite my lame camera. 

Josie enjoying the new is her favorite place to hide and play babies.

These seems very simple and ordinary to many of you.  But to Russ and I it is like a Christmas miracle.  We went from sharing a TINY closet to sharing this custom (Yes, my handy husband built it.) closet.  It is amazing an area for my dresses, made of sweet smelling cedar and lots of room for both seasons clothes!  A girl cannot ask for much more....

A couple cute pictures from our snow day.  Josie in Grant Park.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

it was the holiday season...

I am the eternal optimist.  I went into this holiday season thinking "We are taking things slow and easy.  I am proud of us for slowing down." I was WRONG but it was fun!

Run down:
Christmas Eve: My parent's house with Nana and Grandaddy
Christmas Eve night:  Russ' mom's house with Granny
Christmas morning:  Open presents Russ' mom's house
Christmas evening:  Nana and Grandaddy's
Day after Christmas:  celebration at our house with Russ' sister and cousins
Day after the day after: head to Orlando with the Queen family

Hang in Orlando for 4 days. Fun times with family
New Years Eve: Drive home from Orlando
New Years Day: Clean up Christmas Decor/ Unpack
2nd of January: Attend Passion 2010
3rd of January:  Attend Passion 2010
(Please don't be jealous....I heard Beth Moore twice today.)

Here are our pics to prove our fun.

Pink pig with Gran Gran...
Christmas Eve at Mimi's...
New Elmo DVD Christmas morning...
Falling asleep eating lunch because she woke up at 5:30am on Christmas morning...
Playing with cousin Emma in Grant Park the day after Christmas...
Orlando with the cousins...
Gramp's famous waffle morning!!!!
Snow in Orlando?? Ok soap.  Josie loves shoes and got some new chuck T's for Christmas.  She did NOT like the soap being on her new shoes.  We had to hold her after she realized this catastrophe.

And then because it is a new year.  These are a few of my favorite pictures from last year.