Thursday, June 26, 2008

Favorite pictures to date.

This post will just be a flood of my favorite pictures.
There are two new post below.

Family addition

We went to Nana's this past weekend for Josie and Camden's birthday celebrations. Here are some pictures of the family with Josie.

Camden (3) and Josie.

Raleigh (4) and Josie.

All 3 sweet girls.

Four generations.

This is my favorite picture of Thomas with Josie. Josie is in the bassinet that is 4-5 generations old in Russ' family. His great grandmother slept in it as an infant. I love old school traditions like this. Thomas thought it was great that Josie was at his level. He was so excited that he started howling. Josie yawned at the same time. So we have them both howling. For those of you dog people. Thomas is doing really well with Josie. He has offically traded in his night time space at the foot of our bed for the foot of Josie's crib. At night when I go in there to nurse he looks up at me like "I am so glad you came. Geez, I have been waiting for you to get in here." And then of course falls right back asleep. We are continuing to work on the licking thing. He wants to lick her so bad. "No lick" is said quite frequently these days.

My sweet brother KC. He was the cutest thing ever during my pregnancy. Calling me to see how I was doing. Always wanting to touch my belly when we were together and then after delivering...quickly taking me to eat sushi :).

Gramps and Josie.

Mimi and Josie.

Kevin, Raleigh and Josie.

More to come.
New post below.

A lot going on...

So I thought orginally that having a baby would provide enough chaos for our lives.
Nope....Monday Russ came down with a 100 plus temperature. He is better now. Then Wednesday I came home from the doctor to find no water. That's right. Newborn and no water. You don't realize how thankful you are for running water until you don't have it. My extremely handy husband replaced the PRV (pressure reduction valve) and now we have water. I was so impressed. No pictures were taken in the midst as it was a little stressful (needless to say). We don't need no stinkin plumber.

This picture is actually turned the wrong way. But this is the space were Russ installed the new PRV.

The Iron Fist. This is for Julie Q. as well as the completion of a job well done.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

First outing

My sweet mother-in-law paid for my house to get cleaned. So Josie and I headed to Katie and Bella's house to be out of the way.

We had lots of fun chillin out. Katie provided me one of my favorite lunches (Grant Central salad). Here are the girls hanging out. The first of many play dates.

Katie and Bella.

Our attempt at a group timer shot.

Don't worry. Their already best friends.

My sweet girl.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We are home.

For the milli-second I get I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! To the blog world and the many friends who prayed for us, thought of us, signed up to bring meals and have loved us through this fun stage. We are home.

Leaving the hospital took longer than expected due to the billi-bed coming home with us. Josie has been sleeping on her billi-bed (lights to get rid of jaundice) whenever she is not eating or taking a bath. She has been a great baby through it all. The doctor called tonight and said she can sleep in her crib that her levels were good. Yippee.

I am feeling good. Thank goodness for moms and husbands. I am healing well and taking it easy. My mom has been here and has helped a ton!

Here are some updated pictures.
In the car for the first time.

First bath.

Hanging with daddy on his first father's day.

Listening to mommy.
My sweet girl.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I know this is what you've been waiting on!
Yall, she is perfect! Cute round fact, little nose and tiny ears, beautiful red hair - she's perfect and Kristy is beautiful!

Meal Calendar

Click here for a link to a Meal Calendar for the Masterson's!

Just click on the day you want, and put your name.

They will be coming home sometime on Saturday, so meals can start around Monday. Try to make them a day or two apart so that they can eat leftovers, too! :)

email me at if you have any problems or questions.

Josie is here!!!

Josephine Riley Masterson
8 lbs 12 oz! 21 inches long!
Red hair!!
After 2 1/2 hours of pushing, it was decided Josie would be born c-section in the wee hours of the morning. Kristy and Russ just got to their own room around 7am, and they are going to try to get a little bit of sleep after a long day. Everyone is doing great!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update on Labor

Kristy is around 5 centimeters... things are going slowly but surely!
I'm trying not to bug Russ with too many text messages for updates, but I'm dying!
I know we all can't wait to meet little Josie!!

Going to the Hospital!

Hi guys!
This is Katie - Kristy is on her way to the hospital to get induced!
She and Russ went for a checkup and ultrasound today at 2pm, and Josie is measuring at 8 lbs 14 oz! So they will be inducing her any minute now. Which means Josie will make her appearance most likely in the next 24 hours!

I put a little calendar together for meals, I will post that soon so you can sign up if you feel so inclined!

And don't worry, I'll keep you updated!! We are all so pumped. Pray for Kristy a short and awesome labor, for Josie to be healthy, and for Russ to have a great first Father's Day! It will be wonderful!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Still pregnant.
Trying to enjoy just hanging around the house.
Katie, Bella and I went to 5 guys together for lunch.
Always yummy.
I organized my recipes and several other things.
I also made banana pudding from scratch. I am hoping it will taste close to my nana's.
More like, Russ is hoping.
Russ and I go to the doctor tomorrow for an ultrasound.
Looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Staying cool this weekend

No new baby news therefore you have to hear about my weekend.
Friday night Impact (the Young Adult ministry at Apostles) held a screen on the green at church. Morgan came down and we watched "Back to the Future" on the lawn.
It was a lot of fun.

Saturday Russ and I had a fun day. No chores for us. We had chick-fila biscuits for breakfast. Packed our lunch. Went to the Virginia Highlands Summer Festival. It was extremely hot but I decided I cannot just sit around all day with fun things like that going on next door. It is not in me. Shawn Mullins was there last night and Sister Hazel tonight. All free. Too fun.

Then we headed to a house in Buckhead. It is a family that we are close to from church. They have given us an open invitation to swim in their pool. We took them up on it.

I was suppose to go to a wedding in Athens in the evening but earlier in the week Russ and I decided that it was too far to drive THIS pregnant. I was sad to miss my friend Kelly's wedding.

Jill Waterworth turned 30 this week. John threw her a surprise party last night. We had fun grilling out and hanging with friends from high school.

Friday, June 6, 2008

No baby.

These are the awesome calla lilies Russ gave me for our anniversary.
They are my favorite.
Hence my bouquet from the wedding (seen in last blog entry.

And here is the best snack ever.
Peanut butter on Ritz cracker with a coke.
My nana and I used to eat this snack a lot at her house while watching "The Prices Right." Still a good 11:00 snack.

What is your favorite snack from childhood?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 Year Anniversary Today

In honor of Russ and I's marriage I will post.
We have been married for 4 quick years.
Meaning... we have had so much fun for 4 years that it has flown by.
I really am married to my best friend.
I know lots of people say that but it is still pretty awesome.

Russ and I were discussing the sacredness of the marriage institution the other morning. (This is why it is fun to be married to a pastor, you get these discussions on the side.) We had both listened to a morning show in which the jockeys could not believe people waited until they were married to have sex. Needless to say most of the conversation was very self focused. Russ and I reflected on how marriage isn't really about one person. So many people get married in order to "be happier" these days. But truly if you are not happy with yourself in Christ before you get married then you will still never find that in marriage. This is my soapbox for why I think divorce is so common these days. People are seeking happiness in marriage when true happiness if found with Christ in us.

In trying to think of something creative to share about Russ I have decided to share the fun things I love about him that most people don't know.
1. He LOVES chores. (Mostly outside chores and home improvement chores, but it is still awesome.)
2. He enjoys routine to the same extent that I do.
(Daily routines with some flex.)
3. He has a major soft spot for dogs.
(Reads the books... cries, stops to help a stray dog at any moment.)
4. He enjoys looking at houses and decor etc. as much as I do.
5. He will eat anything I make and honestly think it is wonderful.
6. We work really well as a team ministering to people who are lonely, hurt or just in need of Jesus.
7. He is super smart and challenges me on a weekly basis to further my knowledge of Christ and intellect in general.
8. He listens to me when I tell him he can't where his Chaco's to church or a wedding.
9. He is going to be a rockin' dad to our little girl.
10. He truly loves me for me. Even inflated.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dr.'s appointment

Mom came down to hang out with me today.
She is great.
She went with me to the doctor.
Nothing too exciting.
2-3cm 60-70% effaced.
"Just waiting on things to speed up." Said the doctor.
"You're tellin me." Said Kristy

By the way it is amazingly hot outside.
Especially if God has given you a beautiful heater in the majority of your stomach.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

White pregnant woman

So apparently I am to blog everyday that I am not delivering so that everyone in the blogosphere doesn't think I am in labor.... I will give it a shot.

To respond to other comments... Russ... blogging... I don't think so. I have tried to encourage him but apparently he thinks it is very girly. Which is largely true so I had a tough time fighting back to that point. And if any of you know my husband...(suzanne) you know, he is very opinionated therefore the blogging thing in his mind is now set as a woman thing.

But do not worry. I have a better plan in place. Katie my sweet best friend who started this whole blogging stuff has been given my info in order to update my blog during the whole birthing extravaganza. Thanks Katie!

Do not fear.
On to more funnier matters. Katie had told me that it is funny what people say to you when you are this pregnant (I have one week till my due date). It is like it opens up a free conversation. Which if you know me, I enjoy. So Sunday, Russ and I go to Piedmont park to walk Thomas and get some Rita's ice cream. (Major plug for Rita's it is super! And the one by Piedmont Park is family owned. Which makes me like it more.) I of course was not walking around the park due to the hotness of the day so I took my book and sat on the bench. Shortly there after the man on another bench close to mine struck up a conversation. He looked very normal mid 40's, nicely dressed etc. What was funny was his questions/comments and the order in which they were asked....Questions #1 When are you due? #2 Are you going natural? (followed by my mom was knocked out and I am just fine....ok) Comment #3 I love seeing pregnant white women. (what does that mean?) At this point I am feeling a little odd and want to change the subject. Upon changing the subject he decides to tell me his biggest fear (being buried alive) and where the fear came from (another life). I ask him about this other life experience. He says "oh honey, I am a Christian. I know Jesus but I had another life." Interesting that he felt he needed to confess that to me in a 5 minute conversation. Russ started heading our way and he quickly jumped up, just in enough time for me to notice a blue cup in his hand and a unique smell of alcohol. As he walked off he yelled, "The creator loves you." I said "Thanks!" and smiled. I love random conversations. Not sure how much Russ loved it though.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I spent the entire day at home today.
I haven't left.
I have only been outside a couple of times.
I have to say honestly.... I enjoyed it.
I guess that is a gift from the Lord because I am about to be here a lot with little Josie.
And it helps to have an addictively good book. Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. She is an excellent writer. And no need to comment... I know I will not be able to read leisurely when the baby comes. That is why I am doing it now. :)

Last Wednesday at the doctor I was dialated 2 cm.
I go again this Wednesday.
I feel good. Just praying to be patient and enjoy this time.
It is hard when you are so excited for her arrival.
My due date is not until June 10th so there is still some time.