Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tips for your child's one year birthday party

1. do not light the candle and expect them to blow it out...
Izzie stuck her finger directly into the flame= 10 minutes of crying.

2. pick a theme that is broad and you can use all kinds of items at your house!
aka..polka dots...yes sir ree. i bought very little and it worked great.

3. host multiple parties (for different generes of peeps, of course)
we reused some yummy leftovers and saved money and looked very much put together. like we had the thing catered

my precious Izzie at ONE:
your favorite food is: goldfish
the coolest person on Earth:  your big sister Josie (she can make you laugh like no other)
the thing you do the best: make a serious face (girl can win a staring contest)
three words that describe you: contemplative, dancer, patient

love you sweet izzabee.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

mayberry halloween

So our new neighborhood = mayberry.  Kids everywhere.  Playing in the woods, in the streets, in their yards without parents.  What a change from GP.  I mourn the loss of GP and being close to Katie.  But this has been such a welcomed change.  The neighborhood had a Halloween Party with a petting zoo and horseback riding.  Yeah, it was awesome and we met a ton of neighbors with children the same ages as ours.  Josie could not have loved it more.  
 Rapunzel and a fairy.  Aka...whatever was in our dress up basket you could be.

 In Mayberry the parents walk mostly in the middle of the street while the children run to each house and collect the "goods".  I feel SO blessed to live in the city and have this homely luxury.
Izzie's birthday is Tuesday...what?? Her party was tonight.  More to come.