Saturday, September 24, 2011

wedding festivities

this sweet and talented couple is getting married today!
josie will be the flower girl and russ will officiate.
they are cute and inspirational to this (not very inspired/talented mama).

al and meghan came over a couple months ago and took pictures of the girls.
you will see just how talented they are.

happy wedding day to an amazing couple!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back.... I think??
I have to blog backwards because I don't have present day pictures.
So here is our quick moving story.
We put our Grant Park (also known as: the house I had my children in) house up for sale in February.
We knew we needed another bedroom for another child one day and guest room for the present day.
Also, we of course (I'm married to Russ Masterson) analyzed our house usage and realized we love to entertain but turned down the opportunity many times due to our small house with a maze of little rooms.

Criteria for the new house:
at least 3 bedrooms
bigger entertaining space
closer to the church
flat backyard
good public schools

Well we sold our house 5 months later.  Of course when we were on vacation.  (That is the second time we have sold a house on vacation.) Rule to live by:  go on vacation....check.

Got home from vacation and I had two and a half weeks to pack with a 3 year old and a daredevil crawling 10 month old.  And so it life, my sanity, my nerves all went down....down hill somewhere but largely just away from me.  I packed and packed and lost control and control.  It was good but it was hard.  I don't do well losing control....does anyone?  Thought I was flexible....not anymore.  I learned a lot about myself.

Here I am in my new home.  The Lord was so good to provide many of our desires.  We LOVE the location and the setting.  I feel like I am in the mountains but live in the city.  The best of both worlds.
I see lots of trees when I look out the windows.  It is a precious gift.

Of course after you move, you have zero money so we have some empty spaces and hodge-podge rooms.  But I will take pictures soon and post.