Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meeting more friends

Mia, David and Jonah Stancil came over to play.

Mrs. McIver, Chelsea, Katie and Bella came over too.

Playing with our cousins some too. We are headed to the beach on Saturday for a whole week of fun with them!

I love happy Durham.

This is my mom's best friend, Darla, meeting Josie for the first time. She has prayed for me and Josie a lot! I am so thankful.

There is another new post below.
We are headed to the beach.

We are all about trying new things...

I know all mom's say this but... Josie is getting so big. She is still a great baby but is weighing in at 10 lbs. 4 oz. these days. (And that was last week.) We have had fun trying out new things together.
This isn't new, but still really cute. Hanging with dad.

Helping mom with laundry.

Going to the pool.
Grant Park's pool is great. It re-opened this year after a facelift. We are all very excited. Thanks to Bella for sharing her little bathing suit.

Getting dressed up.
We went out for a fancy dinner to Bone's. Brittany (KC's girlfriend) bought her this cute dress. Look at that red hair!!

Meeting Uncle Jack.
We have been looking forward to Uncle Jack and Aunt Linda coming in town.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A little thing we call....Wake-up Clothing

The Masterson family and the Rich family jumped into a little business endeavor several months ago. The idea was...there are not many COOL (in our opinion) Christian t-shirts. See a need... fix the problem. So Jonathan Rich and Russ had a great time brainstorming for shirt ideas and creating an image to go along with it.

This is a picture of our two families.

Jonathan Rich leads worship for our college group and Callie and I got to be fast friends. They have a little boy Josiah who is soon to be set up with Josie. We are thinking of an arranged marriage. Just kidding... Josie is not dating till she is 85.

Josiah and Josie (2 weeks).

If you are interested or know someone who might be, the website is
Feel free to browse the website just for fun.
Here are some of my favorites...

Love was never meant to be earned.

God is green.

Jesus is a love machine.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Orlando last week was great. Josie and I hopped in the car with KC to drive down to O-town. We stopped in Valdosta and spent the night. KC, therefore got a crash course in being a parent. He was quick and eager to learn. He has always been so sweet to ask questions about the details (it was really cute).
KC and Josie in the hotel room.

Gramps and Mimi (my mom and dad) pampered both of us while we were down there.
Several naps were taken on Gramps. Those are the best!

My mom was great to volunteer over and over to watch Josie so that I could run out for an alone outing. One of which was a massage (wonderful!). You use your back way too much as a mom.

It is tiring to have so much fun!

KC and Brittany relaxing in the sun. The three of us did this quite well while we were down there. Don't worry, no pictures of me in a bathing suit. Not yet, anyway.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am a bad friend!

I'm gonna make a change and ask for forgiveness.
Morgan, I totally forgot your birthday. I am sorry.
Babies are not good excuses for being a bad friend.

My Ode to Morgan will consist of a quick recap of my most fun memories of her...
1. In high school: You put up with me and the teal grand am on the way to CGHS when I would want to stop at Mrs. Winners and the windows would get stuck in the down position. Then of course it would start to rain... but you still rode with me to school.
2. In college: You were faithful to pray earnestly with me and others that the Wednesday night Papa John's special of $5 pizza would not make us fat if we ate all we wanted.
3. When vacationing together: You were willing to yell out obsentities with me upon learning how to snow board. (I will never forget us just laying there in the middle of the mountains laughing and not wanting to get up.)
4. Now: You love me for me. And are always up for asking Russ and I theological questions that challenge us and make us love you more.

We have so many fun memories. I love you! Sorry I forgot your birthday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Never would have planned it before...

KC,Josie and I are headed to Orlando (O-town as I like to call it) today. Before having Josie I never would have planned this trip with a 4 week old baby. But since she is a great baby we are heading to my parents house in Orlando. My parents were going to be down there this week anyway and KC was going down to hang out. I thought... why would I not go? We like the sun and pool. So KC is picking us up today and we are headed to the sunny state. Sadly, Russ can't come due to work but he and Thomas are excited about completing renovation projects that will be easier when we are not here. Happy Summer!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Lake

Sweet girl.

This weekend was our 2nd time to the Lake.

Russ and Thomas walking to get the boat.
Big buds.

Thomas loves to float.
You get in the water by the dock and he expects you to get a float for him.
It is hilarious.

Granny and Josie.
It is Granny's lake house that we enjoy.
And she enjoyed great Grandmother duty a lot.

Sherry (Russ' sister) and Emma (our sweet niece) with Josie.

Gran Gran with Josie.


We have had so many sweet visitors and delicious meals.
Here are some recent friends that have come to visit.
Amanda Odom and Josie.
Amanda brought Russ' favorite... Oreo pie along with a lot of other yummy things!

This is Linda Gray she is our 3rd mother who lives close by. Her family and Russ and I are very close. They kindly open up their home to the college kids and us to have y {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://bp2.our mid-week bible study. She is an amazing cook, mom, wife, decorator etc. I told Russ after she left that I couldn't think of one thing that she does poorly. We love the Gray family.

Allyn Marie and Josie.
Maci and Todd Fahring stopped by with a yummy meal on their way to the zoo.

Melissa Reeder and Josie.
Melissa and I have been friends our whole lives.
I don't remember life without Melissa. We grew up in the same neighborhood together.

And this is our moms. They have been best friend for forever.
More yummy food.

Mandy and Callie Henderson and Josie.
Mandy is a wonderful chef and a mom I admire so much.
We have fun catching up and laughing through labor and delivery stories.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mission Organization

We have slowed down on the picture taking these days.
I will post some soon.
Josie went to the lake for the first time last weekend.
We are going again tomorrow (4th).
We said good bye to Russ' sister,Sherry and family at the lake.
They are in the midst of moving to Williamsburg, Virginia.
We will miss sweet Emma and her mom and dad too.
But we are excited to get to visit them in Virginia.

My title comes from what I have been working on for awhile now.
Russ decided to refurbish the built in cabinets in our office nook.
Therefore, I could not stand for things to just go back inside in random order.
So I created my baskets, just like mission organization, and I feel much better.
Too bad it now takes me 5 days to complete a task like this instead of 50 minutes.

Josie is waking up more and more.
She is such a sweet girl.
Feeding well, sleeping well etc.
I feel extremely blessed.
I am such a sleeper and do not function well with little sleep (Russ doesn't either) so we both wholeheartedly prayed for a good sleeper. The Lord was gracious to give us that.

I will post pictures after the fourth. We continue to have many sweet friend providing meals. Thank you all so much!