Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mom trip

Mom and I are heading to a Beth Moore conference today in Jacksonville. I am really excited but then nervous. Yeah nervous...not because of the baby (like most would think)...nervous because her words (along with the holy spirit) will more than likely kick my butt. I am needing some jostling in my life so this should be good.

Funny how before I got married I wanted to be in this specific "place" spiritually. Like I needed to have arrived as much as possible spiritually before I could be married. It didn't really work out the way I had dreamed. But I am feeling the same pull or ideal before having baby Josie (yep that is her name). Like I need to arrive at this certain spiritual place before having a kid. Well I know from my last preconceived notion that it doesn't work like that. So in the meantime I am trusting and listening and walking along praising Him in the journey.

So her name will be "Josie" Josephine Riley Masterson.
We like "older" names if you will.
Riley is my dad and Kevin's (brother) middle name.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bustin' out in Puerto Rico

This past week was Spring Break for me so Russ and I headed to Puerto Rico for our "babymoon." Apparently, this is the trip you take before you have a child. Russ and I have had the blessing of traveling so much... I think it was just another great trip.

This is our room overlooking the ocean.

This is our lovely rental car and my lovely pregnant self.
We are about to hike in the rainforest.
Weird to think there is a rainforest in the US.

Rainforest pictures.

This was a real shrimp taco.

Moonlight on the water.

We had a great time just relaxing by the pool the majority of the time. We both read several books, which I always enjoy. I continue to be so thankful for my wonderful husband who loves to plan great trips... just when we need them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Celebration

New this year.... Durham (my nephew) and I share birthday celebrations.
It is quite fun. Largely because he is awesome. He is Mr. Smiley. Always happy.
Nana and Grandaddy always have to put on a huge spread of homecooking for birthday celebrations. Mom added the tinkerbell headbands. My sweet neices Raleigh and Camden are becoming such big girls. Dad and I were playing Go-fish with Raleigh. I almost didn't want to because I didn't want her to be that big.


Just some beautiful shots of Breckinridge, CO.
Our trip was over Valentine's day but here they are.