Tuesday, December 14, 2010

rockin' out

if you have ever lived with me you know that i can rock out a cd. meaning, i listen and listen and listen until all the songs are learned and my favorites are established. russ likes it...not so much. but it is me...i remember starting this habit as a little girl with my james taylor tape. so i have no other fun news besides changing poopy diapers (a lot), nursing, playing babies and attending christmas parties...i thought i would share my latest cd repeaters (cd's worthy of this habit). it is rare but i have three on rotation right now.

1. Winter Songs...which is a range of artist, folk/bluegrass
2. Taylor Swift...Speak Now...ummm high school delicious...although "Never Grow Up" has had me in tears several times due to my stage of life
3. Brooke Fraser...Flags...so many good songs on this CD...my favorites are "Something in the Water" and "Orphans, Kingdoms"