Monday, February 25, 2008

I thought I lost my egg (Reese's cup.)

I tried to write about our trip to Colorado but the pictures were not loading correctly. So that is in the "drafts" position currently. However, I did read on a friends blog about 10 random facts about her. Due to my desire to be creative I thought I should join and pass along.

#1 I love Reese's peanut butter cups but mainly when they are in egg shape. Like right now for Easter. Katie came over for lunch and I hyped up this wonderful dessert. I am sure she thought it was going to be homemade something.... nope it was a Reese's peanut butter cup egg. Just pure goodness. I know she was a little disappointed but they are just so darn good.

#2 I sit on my leg/foot a lot at work. I have a tough time sitting normal. I don't think it has anything to do with being pregnant because I did this before. But the negative is that my foot falls asleep a lot. Which is quite embarrassing when one of my kiddos ask me to make a copy for them and I can't walk down the hall.

#3 I don't listen to a lot of music. I don't initiate relationships with artist. I merely wait till Russ has a good CD and then go from there. Once I have a new good CD then I literally listen to it for months at a time. Over and over and over. No one knows because usually I am the only one in the car. I just like knowing the songs I am listening too I guess.

#4 I don't like to do laundry. I know... most people don't like to do laundry but I am really good at putting off doing it. This has just occured in the last year and a half. I think it is because our washer and dryer are in the basement and it is often cold down there.

#5 My favorite blanket is Russ'. I admit it. Russ will be happy to know. Russ brought into our marriage very few material possessions. This one is his comforter from like second grade. It is brown, cotton, from JCPenny's and was sewed together with fishing wire or that clear plastic string. I love cuddling up with it when I want to take a nap. It is just such a happy place.

#6 I can't zip any of my jackets. The belly is just now out to far. So I pull the "open jacket look" a lot.

#7 I have smelly feet. That is right. True confessions. My feet sweat a lot therefore it produces an odor in my shoes. It kills my ability to wear cute little flats.

#8 I hoard books. I love the idea of books a lot more than actually sitting and reading them. If you looked at my nightstand right now.... there are like 8 books on there. I read as much as possible but not enough to have 8 books on my nightstand. I think I just love the idea.

#9 I don't wear slips. I just don't understand the point. I know it is to make sure people don't see through your clothing but is there any other reason? I don't own light colored skirts so it shouldn't be a problem. I saw the movie "because I said so." Mandy Moore has trouble with one of her slips and a dress. It made me think... do other young women wear slips?

#10 I have a new theory that is being tested. Often times people who are famous have the same letter for their first and last name. For example, Mandy Moore... please begin to think of others. I do this often it is quite fun. So my question to Russ was do we name our child a name with a M even though it sounds off.

I now joyfully tag Morgan, Rebecca and Katie. I don't know how to link to you guys. I will try and learn soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dogs, Kids and Uncle Jack

On Wednesday my sweet friend Maci and her little girl Allyn came to the ATL to go to brunch. I love brunch! And of course Thomas loved seeing Maci and Allyn.
On Saturday we got to hang out with the Waterworths. This is Jill and I.

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And then Luke and Thomas.
Thomas and Bowdie got to play together all day. They had a lot of fun!
Uncle Jack was in town this weekend and he took us out for my wonderful birthday dinner to Restaurant Eugene's. This is a picture of my candy bar dessert with the tiniest, cutest coke float.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The best time of your life...

Ok... so part of my job is easedropping. I listen to what kids talk about in order to gain insight... or at least I tell myself. So I overheard a conversation today between a teacher and student (a girl senior). The teacher stated that "College is the best 4 years of your life." The student got fired up. She said "No, no, don't tell me that. I hate that. I hate it when people say that." Of course I was intrigued at this point. She stated that she didn't want life to be that way. How could 4 years of your long life be the best? He (the teacher) stated this was true. She followed by calling him on the carpet. "So having a wife and a child are not enjoyable years of your life. How sad that you would say these are not the best." I was quickly reminded that we are to live in the present. There is no reason to look back with such longing when the hope of the best years can be to come. So I gained some new insight today from a sweet little senior girl at school. High schoolers do have insight into life and I love it that she was willing to fight the normal train of thought for the hope she has. Are you living in the best time of your life? Is it us and our attitudes that make it that way?

Friday, February 1, 2008

27 Dresses & A Rooster

I spent Thursday night with my mom (since my dad was out of town.)
We had a date night. Provino's & a movie.
27 dresses is great!
Really cute and well done.
I am a sucker for good love stories.
I realized sitting there that you don't see as many lovey movies once you get married.
Boys can only take so much of those.
So it was fun to fully indulge with my Mater (nickname I call my mom).

Upon hanging out with my mom we laughed at how much I am becoming like her. Which, if you know my mom.... is a huge compliment. Upon getting in the car from the restaurant, it was quite chilly. We both squealed when in our seats. Russ knows... I do this too when I am cold. Not sure why? But my mom does it too. Then when we were getting our pjs on for to watch Lost, we both also put on a hoodie. We laughed again at the similarities. This of course made me reflect on having a little girl of my own and how she will pick up my silly habits, likes and dislikes. I am so grateful that I have an incredibly Godly woman to follow and mimick.

On to the rooster. So mom and I pull up to Einstein Bros Bagels this morning for some breakfast. To our surprise... there is a rooster on the newspaper stand??? Is this a joke. Where did it come from? It was amazing all the conversations that were had about this poor rooster. I told mom I thought it proved that some people just don't have much to talk about, that is why their entire discussion with friends was completely about this silly rooster.

Well, my wonderful husband has made reservations for dinner to a new restaurant in Inman Park. I am going to get ready. It can take some time for a pregnant girl to get cute.