Monday, January 28, 2008

My boys

Russ has not been feeling good so he and Thomas have been laying around.
In the den.

And the boys laying on the floor in the nursery. Thomas loves to cuddle.
I love them. Hope they are ready for another girl in the house.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Words of affirmation

In case ya'll didn't know my love language is words of affirmation. And all you lovely ladies have responded so readily it made me want to post again. Not to mention, I thought it was fun.

Russ is getting into it a bit, which translates, he now has something new to make fun of me about. Last night driving home at like 10:30 we saw a motorcyclist who had on low rise jeans. He was trying to be trendy I am sure but when you are riding your motorcycle you can't tuck your shirt in on the back. So poor guys crack was sticking out right there in front of our headlights. Russ said "Put that on your blog." Which I truly wish I had a camera to post this picture. I have some not so funny pics but fun none the less.
This is me... being silly...because I felt weird taking a picture of myself.
20 weeks

This is our antique buffet/ baby changing table. I love it.

The hutch that goes on top.

And last but not least. I thought this was funny but really just a picture of me being me. Anyone who knows me knows I love big jewelry. Well over the years I have collected a lot. I had to reorganize it because it was moving locations. This is a picture of 1/2 of my goods spread out on the kitchen table.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Because I am a people pleaser...

I am starting a blog. I actually had decided that I felt bad because I enjoy reading other's blogs so much that it was unfair for me to not have one too. So due to my inner longings for justice... I will begin.

As all of you know, Russ is the writer in the family. Not me. I am the educational guru who just teaches teenagers how to write and then corrects their writing. So bare with me. I am not as creative as Russ but I do hear that I am quite funny in "girl world", which is probably who reads blogs anyway.

I love seeing pictures on blogs so I thought I would start with some pictures to talk about.
Ok... so my eyes are closed. But this is a picture from a long time ago.. September. When I made a run through sign (born a cheerleader) for Russ and Thomas to tell them that I was pregnant.
I can not figure out how to rotate pictures on here. Geez Laweez. Sorry I am a rookie. This is Russ starting to paint the baby room. It was a silly greenish color before. He painted the ceiling too. I have a wonderful husband.

These are before shots. You can barely see it but Russ put up small trim at the top of the wall because I thought it looked cool.
Something new today... since we found out we are having a girl we hung a chandelier in the room. Sorry again for the non-rotation.
I will post more soon. It is time to go walk Mr. Thomas.