Sunday, August 30, 2009

come on Fall...

I love fall.  Always have. Always will.  Here is just a small list of the things I love in the fall.
1.  festivals (Grant Parks was this weekend) such good food  and crafts.
2.  hiking (everyone in our family loves it and it wears everyone no cost)
3.  Georgia football (i heart college football a lot)
4.  fall clothes (gotta love the jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt)
5.  weather (love the cool weather and little humidity)

Well, our family started a little early on the hiking deal.  We headed to North Georgia for a fun afternoon the other weekend.  Thomas is being a little shy here.  Josie loved riding on our backs.  She had her own game of trying to touch/grab the leaves along the way.

We visited the Yellow River Game Ranch the other week.  We had a blast with all the animals.  Josie loved it.  Getting as close as possible to each one.  Remember fearlessness has no boundaries.  Especially when you best friend is a 100 lion/dog.  She was hilarious.  Bella and Katie came too.

This picture cracks me up.  I wanted to take a picture with the Billy Goat because he has a 
goat-tee like dad/Russ.  Upon getting close he let our a yell.  It surprised both Josie and I, therefore giving us a great picture.  

Friday, August 21, 2009

my news...

I have to confess I have been withholding information to the blog world.
I am going back to work.
Part-time, Tuesdays and Thursday mornings while Josie is at Parents Morning Out.
I am working again at the Lovett School.
I am really excited.  I know that sounds dorky.  Who likes to go to work?  I do.  I guess it is in my blood.  My dad loves to work, my older brother Kevin loves to work and, not so little, KC loves to work.  

Thank goodness I am a combination of my mom too.  In which I also love to spend some time with people.....not working.  So this is the perfect combination for me.

I was born to teach.  I love it.  I crave it and it all makes me feel like I am walking out in the gifts God has given me.  

This job really fell in my lap.  Thanks to some caniving co-workers at Lovett.  But I am really excited!  Happy back to school for me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

some good thoughts/reminders on being a wife

check out my friends blog.  
her friend wrote it. 
just good reminders, even when you are in a good spot.

scroll down to the 3rd post.

Friday, August 14, 2009

josie + the beach= love

My whole family went to Destin last week.  It was great!  My parents rented a huge house for all of us and our kiddos to fit.  And remember this is Gramps and Mimi, therefore each grandchild shall have their own room (if desired) for the best sleeping accommodations.  Can we say "rock star" in mom language!?!  It was great! Oh wait, I already said that.  I mean it!

Typical beach activities took place.  So let me give you the low down on Josie and the beach. Before leaving I took it upon myself to ask other moms their beach "tips."  What do you do about a child and the waves?  "Just let her get knocked down by one and she will then stay away from the water."  Not my Miss Priss.  We are FEARLESS!!!  Josie got knocked down by a wave and while getting up proceeded to get knocked down by another wave.  As I picked her steamrolling self up full of saltwater I was excited for her to now stay away from the water....she pushed herself out of my arms to do it all again!  Needless to say... it did not work.  She wanted to walk up and down the shore over and over and over.  People ask Russ and I how we got so much sun.  Our little Josephine, that is how!

A few action shots....

Let me make the disclaimer that I was hoping Josie would join me in not liking the beach.  Yep.  It is true.  I am not a huge fan.  I don't like sand, saltwater, hot-ness, stickiness, standing around in my under garments etc.  You get the point.  But Josie had me converted rather quickly.  I had to enjoy it for her safety.

Here are a couple of picture from our fun trip.  Thanks Mom and Dad!