Friday, August 14, 2009

josie + the beach= love

My whole family went to Destin last week.  It was great!  My parents rented a huge house for all of us and our kiddos to fit.  And remember this is Gramps and Mimi, therefore each grandchild shall have their own room (if desired) for the best sleeping accommodations.  Can we say "rock star" in mom language!?!  It was great! Oh wait, I already said that.  I mean it!

Typical beach activities took place.  So let me give you the low down on Josie and the beach. Before leaving I took it upon myself to ask other moms their beach "tips."  What do you do about a child and the waves?  "Just let her get knocked down by one and she will then stay away from the water."  Not my Miss Priss.  We are FEARLESS!!!  Josie got knocked down by a wave and while getting up proceeded to get knocked down by another wave.  As I picked her steamrolling self up full of saltwater I was excited for her to now stay away from the water....she pushed herself out of my arms to do it all again!  Needless to say... it did not work.  She wanted to walk up and down the shore over and over and over.  People ask Russ and I how we got so much sun.  Our little Josephine, that is how!

A few action shots....

Let me make the disclaimer that I was hoping Josie would join me in not liking the beach.  Yep.  It is true.  I am not a huge fan.  I don't like sand, saltwater, hot-ness, stickiness, standing around in my under garments etc.  You get the point.  But Josie had me converted rather quickly.  I had to enjoy it for her safety.

Here are a couple of picture from our fun trip.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


Kelly Ford said...

i have the same (secret) hope... that rhyan will be a pool girl with me. But you watch, she'll love the beach and I, too, will be stuck on the sand :-)

Shes adorable! Love the suit!!!

Jason and Pamela said...

So cute!!! How wonderful to have your whole family with you and a great house! Wonderful memories I'm sure!

The Jacobs Family said...

You and Kelly crack me up. I am praying Jackson is a beach bum like the rest of his family. YOu guys need to go on vacation with the Jacobs family one time and we will turn you into beach lovers...promise!

Josh and Donna said...

haha! i love the pics and envisioned y'all chasing josie all over. i won't be laughing next summer i'm sure.