Sunday, August 30, 2009

come on Fall...

I love fall.  Always have. Always will.  Here is just a small list of the things I love in the fall.
1.  festivals (Grant Parks was this weekend) such good food  and crafts.
2.  hiking (everyone in our family loves it and it wears everyone no cost)
3.  Georgia football (i heart college football a lot)
4.  fall clothes (gotta love the jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt)
5.  weather (love the cool weather and little humidity)

Well, our family started a little early on the hiking deal.  We headed to North Georgia for a fun afternoon the other weekend.  Thomas is being a little shy here.  Josie loved riding on our backs.  She had her own game of trying to touch/grab the leaves along the way.

We visited the Yellow River Game Ranch the other week.  We had a blast with all the animals.  Josie loved it.  Getting as close as possible to each one.  Remember fearlessness has no boundaries.  Especially when you best friend is a 100 lion/dog.  She was hilarious.  Bella and Katie came too.

This picture cracks me up.  I wanted to take a picture with the Billy Goat because he has a 
goat-tee like dad/Russ.  Upon getting close he let our a yell.  It surprised both Josie and I, therefore giving us a great picture.  


Josh and Donna said...

i love the yellow river game ranch!

morgan collins said...

ha! that last pic is hilarious!!

Reeder Family said...

Fall is also my favorite!! Okay, that last picture just makes me laugh out loud!! So funny!! Josie is getting so big!!

Katie B said...

Hey...I don't know what you are doing this Friday, but we will be meeting my parents at Church of the Apostles around 2:30 to drop Rody off on our way to Savannah..if you're there at church, let me know!!!