Friday, September 11, 2009

mom intentions...

We have a new niece.  Sherry, Russ' sister, had her sweet baby girl, Alyssa Clare last night (when the c-section was scheduled for Wednesday the 16th....hmmmm).  Alyssa wanted to be the one to pick her birthday, apparently.  

Alyssa's older sister, Emma, just had her 3rd birthday.  My creative mom intentions took the pictures that are to follow.  Did I mail them to Emma? No, I forgot.  Did I get them developed? No, I forgot.  Did I send them to Sherry in an email? No, I forgot.

Well, here is to remembering about 3 weeks late. (I did remember to mail the birthday present).

Her personality is really starting to come out.  The "let me start to figure this out."  
Next, "I am really cute." 
Third,  "I need to go somewhere other than here."
(I believe this last phrase is the most common statement in her smart little brain.)

And here is my sweet baby girl a year ago.  Wow.

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Mama said...

I can't believe she is so big! You can tell Josie is the "love of your life" as it should be. SHe is just too precious!
Carolyn Stringer