Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"mommy, i feel like dora

what exactly does dora feel like? 
carefree? adventurous? 

this is just part of the funny statements and conversations we have been having these days. i am loving our mature and developed yard. the azaleas are awesome along with the hydrangeas that are coming.  i also love that my "green thumb" husband doesn't have to work in the yard but just maintain.

izzie.  oh, she is the second. quite feisty and clingy.  she has only had two bottom teeth for SO long. i think she is finally getting the top two.  this picture is quite indicative of her personality. she says "hey" to everyone she sees and then blows kisses to say bye.  a social bug.

josie however has gotten a bit more reserved in her social-ness with adults.  but with other kiddos she will jump right in.  however, recently at a birthday party with a huge dinosaur jumpy house, face painting and kid food galore...I found her sitting on a bench chatting with the birthday boys ninety year old great grandmother.  tender-hearted precious girl. too bad it hurts my heart you look fifteen in this picture.