Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haircuts and Hotdogs....apples too.

Sometimes you just need an apple snack with Thomas. And sometimes I wish I was 2 and I could lay like this too. I am afraid Thomas would only tolerate this with Josie.
Every 6 weeks we have a mini-party. We call it "Haircuts and Hotdogs." Our hairdresser, Martha moved to Florida about a year ago. We loved her. We told our friends about her. Side note: When you have curly hair you can't have just anybody cut your hair. And she stops by our house every 6 weeks or so for a haircut party. It happens on our front porch and it is just fun! Then of course we have hotdogs.

Well this last visit Josie got to join in on the fun. She had her first haircut on our front porch with Martha. She did great and got a cute little trim.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We aren't scared...

We aren't scared to announce the name of our second child.
Just freed up like that.
Or my husband and I are both extremely decisive/opinionated people that before we even knew the gender of our baby, our girl and boy names were chosen. We are too strategic like that.

I don't have any pictures to go with this blog because she is not here yet (2 months left). And yes, I am big enough to have the baby tomorrow....don't look at me like "how can you get any bigger?" when I tell you that I have 2 months left. (Note to self: I need to hang around other moms more often. They get it.)

Isabelle "Izzie" Mary Masterson is her name. We like the "old lady" name thing...shortened into a cute- fun- kinda sassy name. Josie and Izzie go well together. And Mary is after Russ' sweet and precious mother Mary.

We shall continue to get ready for Baby Izzie at our house! But right now we are enjoying ourselves at the beach....along with 35 other young adults from the church. My husband has a wonderful job!