Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We are back from Vail, Colorado. We traveled with another couple Kevin and Jen (they work at the church with Russ). I warned them about traveling with a baby and that they would get the full experience. Well little Josie was awesome. We had a lay over in Houston both ways. It worked out great for Josie to stretch her little legs and crawl around.
Josie got her own seat (for free) on every flight. The Lord... looking out for us... and others.
(View from our condo towards the mountain.)

We stayed in a little condo super close to the slopes. Russ, Kevin and Jen went skiing two days while Josie and I ventured to people watch and sip coffee by the fire. I love the mountains and the snow. I kept sing the song "Majesty... worship His Majesty." Thankfully this was in my head. One time I did sing it out loud when Josie and I were riding the gondola down the mountain by ourselves. Just a great get-a-way. But going away always makes me love my home.
Mittens and hat courtesy of Mimi.
The last two days it snowed and snowed. Josie kept sticking her tongue out to catch the snowflakes. So cute!
We are thankful to be back home!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday dress: Russ' cousins Katie and Chase gave Josie this outfit. I remember thinking that is so big..... not anymore. She looked super cute. I love it that we still "dress up" at our church. It is quite fun with a little girl.

Pastor's kid: So Josie is a pk. I didn't realize this was already beginning until this Sunday. As we walked through the nursery many of the sweet nursery workers (even in other classes) all knew her name. That kinda proves we are at church a lot. What better place to grow up!

We are leaving for Colorado on Wednesday morning! As my niece Emma would say "excited, excited!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

so the truth is...

so the truth is... i have been quite overwhelmed as a new mom.
josie is awesome and has been an easy baby but i have had a tough time. i now (after 7 months) feel like i have breathing room. i kept thinking to myself that i must be some jerk who doesn't like kids or some weird woman who isn't natural at being a mom. so it turns out those things are not true. it just took me awhile to get the swing of things and to accept and enjoy. not to mention God wanted to rock me to tear down some selfishness, pride etc. in me.

i am pretty go with the flow. i always have been. i know i can be bossy at times but i consider myself flexible. i thought that would aide me in being a mom. well obviously, not enough. after russ and i have had many heart to hearts and me having a quiet desire to runaway for a day or so i feel more at rest and like me than i have in last 7 months.

now that confession time is over here is the latest with the masterson's.
russ and i quit the ymca when i had josie. budget reasons, me not going etc. russ has done a great job at running and doing at home strength training on a daily basis. he continues to amaze me at his self discipline. he is preaching a series at church right now call "6 things my minister never told me about Jesus." it is really great. (they are on itunes.. if you are interested "impactkast" or search russ masterson).

i am starting to run again and i am loving it. hard sometimes that i can't run in the morning due to schedule stuff but i am just enjoying the time i do get. i like running in this weather the little burn in my lungs... i love it. and for some reason enjoy sweating when it is chilly outside. i am making josie's baby food. i almost gave up but katie encouraged me enough to keep going. i enjoy cooking so i should enjoy cooking for her too. (one would think)

josie is a jumping machine. she actually "gets air" in her jumper and will try to jump up and down when you are holding her. really funny. she has found her voice and is squealing and yelling a lot. she still LOVES books. she plays with them all the time. flipping the pages, pushing them around etc. it is hilarious. without further ado... josephine masterson and her jumping debut. (sorry it is crooked)

josie is feeding herself these days. big girl.
mom told me one of her regrets was not taking more pictures of us when we were sleeping. so i am trying to do that more. so sweet and peaceful. josie has officially moved to 2 naps. Praise the Lord!!! Seriously, it was huge for us.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

eating, jumping, teething...growing

In Orlando Josie wore her "Queen" outfit from Uncle Jack and Aunt Linda. Some may call in princess but around here we call it Queen. We had a great time with the Queen family in o-town.
Big girl and Gran Gran's house... eating sweet potatoes. Right now I am making Josie's baby food. I kinda like it. She has had oatmeal, avocado & sweet potatoes. We are trying pears this week.
In Winter Park, FL jumping with dad. She is a major jumper these days. We sing a "jumpin Josie" song and she will start jumping. So cute... and funny.
I still love the sling. She does too. I am trying not to think about the fact that she will get too big for the sling and I will have to take a stroller. Just enjoying the season.
Trying to crawl... under Thomas' supervision... of course. She is really close. Trying to sit up too. Instead she stays in this in-between stage which looks like she is modeling while laying on her side. (Every time I think of the poster of George from Seinfeld laying on the chase lounge.)