Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We are back from Vail, Colorado. We traveled with another couple Kevin and Jen (they work at the church with Russ). I warned them about traveling with a baby and that they would get the full experience. Well little Josie was awesome. We had a lay over in Houston both ways. It worked out great for Josie to stretch her little legs and crawl around.
Josie got her own seat (for free) on every flight. The Lord... looking out for us... and others.
(View from our condo towards the mountain.)

We stayed in a little condo super close to the slopes. Russ, Kevin and Jen went skiing two days while Josie and I ventured to people watch and sip coffee by the fire. I love the mountains and the snow. I kept sing the song "Majesty... worship His Majesty." Thankfully this was in my head. One time I did sing it out loud when Josie and I were riding the gondola down the mountain by ourselves. Just a great get-a-way. But going away always makes me love my home.
Mittens and hat courtesy of Mimi.
The last two days it snowed and snowed. Josie kept sticking her tongue out to catch the snowflakes. So cute!
We are thankful to be back home!


lalandress said...

is that hat from anthropologie? i think i saw it there and thought it was sooo cute! love it! she's precious!!!!

The Jacobs Family said...

I am super jealous. I have always wanted to live in Colorado. I pray one day the good Lord will call Marty there to a church...hehe. The pictures are great.

Fahring Family said...

Sweet pictures! I love that picture of her with no socks on the plane. Looks like one of my girls... never socks on their feet!! Too cute!! Looks like you had a great time! See you soon!

The Marlatts said...

LOVE that pic of josie by herself...so cute!!!