Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday dress: Russ' cousins Katie and Chase gave Josie this outfit. I remember thinking that is so big..... not anymore. She looked super cute. I love it that we still "dress up" at our church. It is quite fun with a little girl.

Pastor's kid: So Josie is a pk. I didn't realize this was already beginning until this Sunday. As we walked through the nursery many of the sweet nursery workers (even in other classes) all knew her name. That kinda proves we are at church a lot. What better place to grow up!

We are leaving for Colorado on Wednesday morning! As my niece Emma would say "excited, excited!"


Stephanie said...

oh my goodness. for some reason, that could be the cutest picture i've seen of miss josie! just precious! is she gong with yall to colorado? where are yall going? with who?

shea said...

Just adorable. I love the bow and the matching sock monkey.

Kelly Ford said...

She is SO cute!!!