Saturday, January 3, 2009

eating, jumping, teething...growing

In Orlando Josie wore her "Queen" outfit from Uncle Jack and Aunt Linda. Some may call in princess but around here we call it Queen. We had a great time with the Queen family in o-town.
Big girl and Gran Gran's house... eating sweet potatoes. Right now I am making Josie's baby food. I kinda like it. She has had oatmeal, avocado & sweet potatoes. We are trying pears this week.
In Winter Park, FL jumping with dad. She is a major jumper these days. We sing a "jumpin Josie" song and she will start jumping. So cute... and funny.
I still love the sling. She does too. I am trying not to think about the fact that she will get too big for the sling and I will have to take a stroller. Just enjoying the season.
Trying to crawl... under Thomas' supervision... of course. She is really close. Trying to sit up too. Instead she stays in this in-between stage which looks like she is modeling while laying on her side. (Every time I think of the poster of George from Seinfeld laying on the chase lounge.)


KatieMGreen said... which teeth are coming in? exciting!

Kelly Ford said...


Crystal said...

She's a cutie pot in her Queen outfit:0)

The Harner's said...

those are the coolest pj's I've ever seen! (the Queen outfit!)