Tuesday, January 13, 2009

so the truth is...

so the truth is... i have been quite overwhelmed as a new mom.
josie is awesome and has been an easy baby but i have had a tough time. i now (after 7 months) feel like i have breathing room. i kept thinking to myself that i must be some jerk who doesn't like kids or some weird woman who isn't natural at being a mom. so it turns out those things are not true. it just took me awhile to get the swing of things and to accept and enjoy. not to mention God wanted to rock me to tear down some selfishness, pride etc. in me.

i am pretty go with the flow. i always have been. i know i can be bossy at times but i consider myself flexible. i thought that would aide me in being a mom. well obviously, not enough. after russ and i have had many heart to hearts and me having a quiet desire to runaway for a day or so i feel more at rest and like me than i have in last 7 months.

now that confession time is over here is the latest with the masterson's.
russ and i quit the ymca when i had josie. budget reasons, me not going etc. russ has done a great job at running and doing at home strength training on a daily basis. he continues to amaze me at his self discipline. he is preaching a series at church right now call "6 things my minister never told me about Jesus." it is really great. (they are on itunes.. if you are interested "impactkast" or search russ masterson).

i am starting to run again and i am loving it. hard sometimes that i can't run in the morning due to schedule stuff but i am just enjoying the time i do get. i like running in this weather the little burn in my lungs... i love it. and for some reason enjoy sweating when it is chilly outside. i am making josie's baby food. i almost gave up but katie encouraged me enough to keep going. i enjoy cooking so i should enjoy cooking for her too. (one would think)

josie is a jumping machine. she actually "gets air" in her jumper and will try to jump up and down when you are holding her. really funny. she has found her voice and is squealing and yelling a lot. she still LOVES books. she plays with them all the time. flipping the pages, pushing them around etc. it is hilarious. without further ado... josephine masterson and her jumping debut. (sorry it is crooked)

josie is feeding herself these days. big girl.
mom told me one of her regrets was not taking more pictures of us when we were sleeping. so i am trying to do that more. so sweet and peaceful. josie has officially moved to 2 naps. Praise the Lord!!! Seriously, it was huge for us.


Katie B said...

Oh, Kristy, I am amazed at your honesty and I think this may open the door for other moms to be truthful about their experiences. I, too, had an adjustment period to being a mom...it is overwhelming..for the first 2 weeks (especially b/c I was breastfeeding), I would break down every night at 9pm...seriously, tears, etc...because I was so overwhelmed! You are an awesome mom, and I know that Josie loves you so much!

morgan collins said...

"dancin' to the Lord"...love it:) such a dad comment:)

KatieMGreen said...

Kristy, you are a wonderful and sweet mom. And I can't see that Josie would be anything but the same as her great mom.

shea said...

Doesn't it feel good to know that you're not the only one? It definitely makes me feel better. You think you're ready, but then that sweet baby rocks your world. And when you get used to the swing of things, they move on to the next phase. I've found that a happy sane mommy makes for a happy baby and taking a break when you can is good for all of you. Good for you for being honest. Josie has a wonderful mommy! She's growing up so fast and is just cute as a button.

Kristin said...

I am not a mom, but I know it cant be easy and I have often wondered how I would be as a mom. You always hear people go on and on about how wonderful it is, but in my head I think okay a 24/7 job cant be wonderful ALL the time ~ it has to be overwhelming. Glad to hear the honesty, and maybe hopefully one day I will be a mom and know that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed! I am sure you are a great mom though!!!