Friday, July 31, 2009


we have kisses and more kisses flying around this place.
josie has learned how to kiss.  
step one: lean forward
step two: say mmmm...awhhh
mission accomplished.
this is only to be used on baby dolls, family members and josie loves to make sure thomas gets his kisses too.

she has started sitting with him in the floor.
she will pick up whatever she wants to play with. 
then find thomas and sit or lean on him, as close as possible.
he is a great dog! who knows what he does behind my back.  
(i am pretty sure lots of his kisses are involved.)

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Mama Callie said...

So I just watched "Marley and Me" tonight and if you haven't seen it yet...don't! Save your heart while you can! I just told Jonathan yesterday how Josie and Thomas' relationship is exactly what you could have possibly dreamed up as perfect. I love seeing their videos!