Friday, July 24, 2009

leg #2

from boston we took the midnight bus (literally) to cape cod.  where we woke julie up  at 2 am to pick us up from the bus stop.  she was such a wonderful hostesses.  i know we stretched her to the limit too.  thanks jewels!

bad picture taker....x100.  i got 'NO pics of me and julie.  how is that possible?  i am embarassed.  hopeful the other girls got some.  geez.  i get out on my own and still can't take good pics.  i guess i was totally freed up.

nantucket is an island off of masachussets.  it literally looks like a magazine in every way possible.  we rented a jeep wrangler...took the top off and drove the whole island in like 2 hours.  it was beautiful.  imagine low 70's with the sun shining and the wind from the ocean.

and yes these are random people's homes we are taking pictures of.

please click to enlarge the pics below to really enjoy it.  

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