Tuesday, July 21, 2009

summer travels leg #1

call me crazy.  call me flexible.  whatever you call me.....i had a lot of fun.

on july 8th i left atlanta, josie-less with two sweet friends from church.  we headed for Boston and Cape Cod.  courtesy of my friend julie.  she works in boston, lives in cape cod and it works out really well to have her as a friend.  not to mention she is hilarious and fun surrounds her.  it was a great laughing getaway.  due to christi's camera being so great.  i barely took any pictures.  this is what i got. from Boston, Cape Cod and Nantucket.

on the T in Boston.  christi being sweet. meredith being too cool to take a picture on the T. 
this is my favorite pic of the whole trip.  in the Harvard bookstore.  i was so excited to go in there and browse.  i love all things paper and pens.  they had a HUGE pen section.  it was wonderful.  yes, i tested many pens.  and i loved it. and it was allowed.

and because i am a nerd.  or a wanna be nerd.  i made christi and meredith go with me on a tour of harvard.  it was great.  so interesting.  and led by a student at harvard.  i loved every minute.  ok maybe not the last 10 minutes. 

picture of the last 10 minutes below.  christi and mere bored in the left corner.

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Josh and Donna said...

a trip w/o pen testing is no fun at all.