Friday, July 24, 2009

summer travels leg #2

so i got home from boston on a saturday morning. and packed up to travel to wake forest, nc on sunday morning.  erin hale mattox and her two kids along with josie and i packed into erin's mini-van and set our sites along 85 North.  3 kids under three and 2 adults.  we are two tough women.  the kids did great!  erin and i did great too. we actually got to have lots of conversation.  of course we had the need to stop for some peanut m&m's, but they were well worth it.  

stephanie was such a great host. she had good food ready at every turn.  and the robinson's were amazing to let us stay at their house while they were away.  stephanie also has her rendition of the week, so feel free to check it out.

the first day we went to jumpin beans.  one would think josie would be too little, right?  not so much!  i have a little dare devil on my hands.  no fear, independent, thrill seeking daughter.  ok so she has my looks but russ' personality.
i carry her up the slide steps.  set her down on all fours so that i can finish climbing myself.  before i have gotten to the base at the top she has already rounded the corner and slide down on her own.  she did this repeatedly.  of course the time i tried to film the sliding, things got a little crazy.  even though it appears i threw my daughter down.  i did not. believe it or not...she liked it.

josie loved playing with emalyn her real live baby doll.  she said "baaaby" a lot and tried to share paci's.  can you find emalyn amist all the baby gear....geez la weez.

thursday we went to the cutest park ever.  pullin park.  they had kid rides all for $1.  this was josie's first experience at all this.  for the most part she loved it.

swings, sand and the carousel.  with the carousel she was petrified.  tearing my shirt off so that i would not put her up on the horse alone.  i couldn't blame her i hate going around and around too.  dang motion spoils so much fun.

this is what we call "THE GRANDPA FACE".  josie started making this "no teeth" face a couple months ago.  it is not cute.  let's be honest.  but it is really funny.

the sign of a dare devil.  we get on the train. the whistle blows.  and her hands go up.  ready to ride.  she has never ridden a train before but she obviously loved it.  her hands went up several times during the ride.  i love her!
a highlight of the trip for erin and i was being able to find and buy many BOXES of pampers for $4 and $5.  this is the set up.  rylan has to go potty 30 minutes into the drive home.  erin pulls off to go to mcdonald's.  i say "let's go to the rite aid. it will be cleaner."  erin and rylan return from the potty.  i notice shock on erin's face. "you will never believe this. their pampers are on sale form 75% off.  making them $5." kristy..."shut up!" we are so packing the mini-van full of diapers.  $32 dollars later we have 700 diapers packed in the van.  it was very exciting. to say the least.  here are some great pics from our diaper extravaganza.

and a sweet picture of rylan sleeping on the way home.  a week with this many girls, is tough on any man!


KatieMGreen said...

that video made me laugh so hard!! i watched it like 10 times. looks like one of those "worlds most dangerous stunts" videos!!!

oh, and i am super jealous of the diapers.

morgan collins said...

dude, you totally chucked your kid down that slide:)

Laura hayes said...

I am dying laughing at your bargain shopping for diapers and crowding the van with those boxes. Think how many little outfits you can buy with the money saved, you may even get a new thread. Rebecca's first ride on a carousel was at Pullen Park so you must have been in Raleigh. She was terrified, too. Glad you had a fun trip. Josie is precious, little Kristy, for sure!

The Harner's said...

I'm with Katie. I too watched the video over and over and over. It's hilarious!

And yes the great diaper find truely is great!! Where'd you say this was? I need to take a road trip! Love the packing job!

Great post! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the old man face! both my kids did it...we always called it the "you're my boy, blue" face (from that old man in old school).

Kelly Ford said...

First, the video is hilarious! 2nd, the grandpa face is still making me laugh my butt off! I love it! and last, i am totally jealous of the diaper find! UGGG!!!diapers are so expensive!!! Score for you!

Stephanie said...

what a trip. so fun. thanks SO much for making the treck!
we loved having yall!!!

that video is SO hilarious--almost funnier than the real thing, i must say! i just kept replaying it and laughing outloud so hard that i had to fill larry in...he's watcing it on the other computer right now.

just so you know, i called erin and told her, but when i went by to get the diapers at the other rite aid a few exits closer to me (since you said that rite aid yall were at didn't have abby's size), they called and found out it was priced incorrectly at that store, and was a no go. so, yall really did get the DEAL of the century on those diapers. we all have diaper envy now. thanks. ;)

love you!