Monday, January 28, 2008

My boys

Russ has not been feeling good so he and Thomas have been laying around.
In the den.

And the boys laying on the floor in the nursery. Thomas loves to cuddle.
I love them. Hope they are ready for another girl in the house.


morgan collins said...

this is hilarious! are they asleep on the floor like that? precious:)

Randy and Katie said...

Kristy and Russ...I love that you have a blog now! I read Erin's and Katie's blog I can add you to the list. Kristy- you look great. I pray you are feeling well!
We have a blog as well


L said...

Too funny! Welcome to blog world! So excited for you, Russ and Thomas. Cannot wait to meet her! Take care.


Kelly Ford said...

How do you ever get any attention w/ Russ cuddling Thomas all the time? hmmmm.....too cute!