Friday, February 1, 2008

27 Dresses & A Rooster

I spent Thursday night with my mom (since my dad was out of town.)
We had a date night. Provino's & a movie.
27 dresses is great!
Really cute and well done.
I am a sucker for good love stories.
I realized sitting there that you don't see as many lovey movies once you get married.
Boys can only take so much of those.
So it was fun to fully indulge with my Mater (nickname I call my mom).

Upon hanging out with my mom we laughed at how much I am becoming like her. Which, if you know my mom.... is a huge compliment. Upon getting in the car from the restaurant, it was quite chilly. We both squealed when in our seats. Russ knows... I do this too when I am cold. Not sure why? But my mom does it too. Then when we were getting our pjs on for to watch Lost, we both also put on a hoodie. We laughed again at the similarities. This of course made me reflect on having a little girl of my own and how she will pick up my silly habits, likes and dislikes. I am so grateful that I have an incredibly Godly woman to follow and mimick.

On to the rooster. So mom and I pull up to Einstein Bros Bagels this morning for some breakfast. To our surprise... there is a rooster on the newspaper stand??? Is this a joke. Where did it come from? It was amazing all the conversations that were had about this poor rooster. I told mom I thought it proved that some people just don't have much to talk about, that is why their entire discussion with friends was completely about this silly rooster.

Well, my wonderful husband has made reservations for dinner to a new restaurant in Inman Park. I am going to get ready. It can take some time for a pregnant girl to get cute.


worshipdesign@thevine said...

how lucky your daughter is to get such an awesome mom! :) do you ever wonder what she'll look like? being related to your fam, she could easily have one of four hair colors... oh the anticipation!

Kelly Ford said...

I'm betting all my savings on the curly hair no matter what color. FUN!

Julie said...

I can just hear that squeal when y'all got in the car! Your mom kept telling me how great it is to be a grandmother. I just hope I can be as good as she is!

Josh & Donna said...

woooo hoooo!!! a new blog. lovin' it! you're so being added to bennecyber today. and now i have a new avenue to hassle you into a dinner date with me. :o)

Kelly Ford said...

And btw, your mom rocks. Glad we agree on that! I stalk your blog daily...:-)