Monday, February 11, 2008

Dogs, Kids and Uncle Jack

On Wednesday my sweet friend Maci and her little girl Allyn came to the ATL to go to brunch. I love brunch! And of course Thomas loved seeing Maci and Allyn.
On Saturday we got to hang out with the Waterworths. This is Jill and I.

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And then Luke and Thomas.
Thomas and Bowdie got to play together all day. They had a lot of fun!
Uncle Jack was in town this weekend and he took us out for my wonderful birthday dinner to Restaurant Eugene's. This is a picture of my candy bar dessert with the tiniest, cutest coke float.
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BC said...

(regarding your last photo)
Dude, how did you get to take a picture with David Crowder?

BC said...

BC: Chris Green.

Not sure why it's BC.