Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Celebration

New this year.... Durham (my nephew) and I share birthday celebrations.
It is quite fun. Largely because he is awesome. He is Mr. Smiley. Always happy.
Nana and Grandaddy always have to put on a huge spread of homecooking for birthday celebrations. Mom added the tinkerbell headbands. My sweet neices Raleigh and Camden are becoming such big girls. Dad and I were playing Go-fish with Raleigh. I almost didn't want to because I didn't want her to be that big.


Suzanne said...

Are those Kevin's babies???? Oh my grown up, sooooo cute! Are y'all going to stick with the Queen-themed city names too? :)

Josh & Donna said...

happy birthday!!!

KatieMGreen said...

We need an update with your belly!!!