Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am a bad friend!

I'm gonna make a change and ask for forgiveness.
Morgan, I totally forgot your birthday. I am sorry.
Babies are not good excuses for being a bad friend.

My Ode to Morgan will consist of a quick recap of my most fun memories of her...
1. In high school: You put up with me and the teal grand am on the way to CGHS when I would want to stop at Mrs. Winners and the windows would get stuck in the down position. Then of course it would start to rain... but you still rode with me to school.
2. In college: You were faithful to pray earnestly with me and others that the Wednesday night Papa John's special of $5 pizza would not make us fat if we ate all we wanted.
3. When vacationing together: You were willing to yell out obsentities with me upon learning how to snow board. (I will never forget us just laying there in the middle of the mountains laughing and not wanting to get up.)
4. Now: You love me for me. And are always up for asking Russ and I theological questions that challenge us and make us love you more.

We have so many fun memories. I love you! Sorry I forgot your birthday.


morgan collins said...

awww KQ! I love you! I dont care if you forget my bday...I kinda wanted to forget it this year too:) I hope yall are having fun in O-town...give us some pics!

oh, and I'm pretty sure I should be thanking you for letting me ride with you...I mean I puked in your dadgum car...the fact that we are still friends after that just speaks to how awesome you are:)

worshipdesign@thevine said...

does it make you laugh that morgana, modern trendy rockstar fashionista, uses the word "dadgum" in context? ;)