Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mission Organization

We have slowed down on the picture taking these days.
I will post some soon.
Josie went to the lake for the first time last weekend.
We are going again tomorrow (4th).
We said good bye to Russ' sister,Sherry and family at the lake.
They are in the midst of moving to Williamsburg, Virginia.
We will miss sweet Emma and her mom and dad too.
But we are excited to get to visit them in Virginia.

My title comes from what I have been working on for awhile now.
Russ decided to refurbish the built in cabinets in our office nook.
Therefore, I could not stand for things to just go back inside in random order.
So I created my baskets, just like mission organization, and I feel much better.
Too bad it now takes me 5 days to complete a task like this instead of 50 minutes.

Josie is waking up more and more.
She is such a sweet girl.
Feeding well, sleeping well etc.
I feel extremely blessed.
I am such a sleeper and do not function well with little sleep (Russ doesn't either) so we both wholeheartedly prayed for a good sleeper. The Lord was gracious to give us that.

I will post pictures after the fourth. We continue to have many sweet friend providing meals. Thank you all so much!

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