Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Lake

Sweet girl.

This weekend was our 2nd time to the Lake.

Russ and Thomas walking to get the boat.
Big buds.

Thomas loves to float.
You get in the water by the dock and he expects you to get a float for him.
It is hilarious.

Granny and Josie.
It is Granny's lake house that we enjoy.
And she enjoyed great Grandmother duty a lot.

Sherry (Russ' sister) and Emma (our sweet niece) with Josie.

Gran Gran with Josie.


Kelly Ford said...

So cute! I love all the new pics!

Matt and Kim said...

Were ya'll at Habersham Marina? We hang out in that area on the lake a lot! Did ya'll get to see the fireworks on the lake? It was awesome!

Josh & Donna said...

i always commment on josie's cuteness, let me give thomas some the floating picture! so funny!

morgan collins said...

I love the j cute!

Hudlow Family said...

Keep the pictures coming, I love watching her grow!

Shea said...

Great pics. It looks like you're having a blast as a family of 3. So happy for y'all!
Where did you get her onesie? It's adorable!

Shea said...

I should have said "family of 4." Certainly didn't mean to leave Thomas out. :o)