Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dr.'s appointment

Mom came down to hang out with me today.
She is great.
She went with me to the doctor.
Nothing too exciting.
2-3cm 60-70% effaced.
"Just waiting on things to speed up." Said the doctor.
"You're tellin me." Said Kristy

By the way it is amazingly hot outside.
Especially if God has given you a beautiful heater in the majority of your stomach.


Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

It hasn't been too long since I played the waiting game myself. It sure is tough to be patient when you're so ready to meet your little one and regain some sort of resemblance of yourself. I had to wait five days after my due date, and every minute felt like an eternity. Now, I wish I had taken more naps, read more books, and just taken time to chill out. Not much time for any of that these days, and you can't possibly grasp that until it happens to you.

You are going to be a stellar mom to Josie! She is lucky to have such a fabulous family. I think all of your blog fans are anxious to see pictures of that little angel!!

Suzanne said...

is this the part that you want to hear my story of 2 cm dialated and 80% effaced for 2 weeks??? yeah, didn't think so. :)

morgan collins said...

you crazy white pregnant women:)