Tuesday, June 3, 2008

White pregnant woman

So apparently I am to blog everyday that I am not delivering so that everyone in the blogosphere doesn't think I am in labor.... I will give it a shot.

To respond to other comments... Russ... blogging... I don't think so. I have tried to encourage him but apparently he thinks it is very girly. Which is largely true so I had a tough time fighting back to that point. And if any of you know my husband...(suzanne) you know, he is very opinionated therefore the blogging thing in his mind is now set as a woman thing.

But do not worry. I have a better plan in place. Katie my sweet best friend who started this whole blogging stuff has been given my info in order to update my blog during the whole birthing extravaganza. Thanks Katie!

Do not fear.
On to more funnier matters. Katie had told me that it is funny what people say to you when you are this pregnant (I have one week till my due date). It is like it opens up a free conversation. Which if you know me, I enjoy. So Sunday, Russ and I go to Piedmont park to walk Thomas and get some Rita's ice cream. (Major plug for Rita's it is super! And the one by Piedmont Park is family owned. Which makes me like it more.) I of course was not walking around the park due to the hotness of the day so I took my book and sat on the bench. Shortly there after the man on another bench close to mine struck up a conversation. He looked very normal mid 40's, nicely dressed etc. What was funny was his questions/comments and the order in which they were asked....Questions #1 When are you due? #2 Are you going natural? (followed by my mom was knocked out and I am just fine....ok) Comment #3 I love seeing pregnant white women. (what does that mean?) At this point I am feeling a little odd and want to change the subject. Upon changing the subject he decides to tell me his biggest fear (being buried alive) and where the fear came from (another life). I ask him about this other life experience. He says "oh honey, I am a Christian. I know Jesus but I had another life." Interesting that he felt he needed to confess that to me in a 5 minute conversation. Russ started heading our way and he quickly jumped up, just in enough time for me to notice a blue cup in his hand and a unique smell of alcohol. As he walked off he yelled, "The creator loves you." I said "Thanks!" and smiled. I love random conversations. Not sure how much Russ loved it though.


KatieMGreen said...

oh russ.
i think if he started blogging, he might get addicted.
i love that story, even on the second time. i like "your creator loves you"
can't wait to write on your blog for ya!
i think i might need 2 blogs a day to make sure you haven't gone into labor. jk jk.

morgan collins said...

oh atlanta. yall have some interesting folks down there:)

L said...

Girl, we are soo excited for Baby Josie to get here. Riley keeps asking me if Ms. Kristy's baby, from the shower, has her baby out yet! So cute! Looking forward to meeting her soon.

Stephanie for the Lyon's said...

hilarious story. perfect for blogging. random to the core.
LOVED that you have blogged twice since i last checked! go girl!
you might find yourself even wanting to sneak in a little blog post after she's here--just so proud to show off your girl & your new world!
checking in often!
love you, friend.