Sunday, June 8, 2008

Staying cool this weekend

No new baby news therefore you have to hear about my weekend.
Friday night Impact (the Young Adult ministry at Apostles) held a screen on the green at church. Morgan came down and we watched "Back to the Future" on the lawn.
It was a lot of fun.

Saturday Russ and I had a fun day. No chores for us. We had chick-fila biscuits for breakfast. Packed our lunch. Went to the Virginia Highlands Summer Festival. It was extremely hot but I decided I cannot just sit around all day with fun things like that going on next door. It is not in me. Shawn Mullins was there last night and Sister Hazel tonight. All free. Too fun.

Then we headed to a house in Buckhead. It is a family that we are close to from church. They have given us an open invitation to swim in their pool. We took them up on it.

I was suppose to go to a wedding in Athens in the evening but earlier in the week Russ and I decided that it was too far to drive THIS pregnant. I was sad to miss my friend Kelly's wedding.

Jill Waterworth turned 30 this week. John threw her a surprise party last night. We had fun grilling out and hanging with friends from high school.


Kelly Ford said...

I keep checking this thing like every hour hoping the baby will be wanting to make her debut! I'm glad your enjoying your time till then.
Hey! Is russ gonna suck it up and "be a girl" and post updates when you go into labor for all of us? PLEASE?!

morgan collins said...

I had fun on friday! love you!