Monday, June 2, 2008


I spent the entire day at home today.
I haven't left.
I have only been outside a couple of times.
I have to say honestly.... I enjoyed it.
I guess that is a gift from the Lord because I am about to be here a lot with little Josie.
And it helps to have an addictively good book. Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. She is an excellent writer. And no need to comment... I know I will not be able to read leisurely when the baby comes. That is why I am doing it now. :)

Last Wednesday at the doctor I was dialated 2 cm.
I go again this Wednesday.
I feel good. Just praying to be patient and enjoy this time.
It is hard when you are so excited for her arrival.
My due date is not until June 10th so there is still some time.


Shea said...

I can't believe you're going to have a little baby girl so soon. It's so exciting. I hope the next few days go well for you...and I hope it's only days and not longer! Enjoy your book and I can't wait to see pics of little Josie.

KatieMGreen said...

i'm trying not to add to the fire, but I am so dang anxious for Josie!!!!! I am calling Thursday for the delivery date, that it was I decided last night.

Josh & Donna said...

woo hoo! woo hoo! woo hoo! i just can't WAIT to see her!

Sara Mackey said...

I read lots of books the first couple of months. They sleep a lot then :) Now, the only reading I do is during car naps.
And about pocketbooks... the only people I have ever known to use that term are the Rileys.

morgan collins said... book suggestion? I love your recomendations:)

Suzanne said...

You better blog every day pre-baby because every day you don't blog, we're thinking you're having a baby!!!

Stephanie for the Lyon's said...

I'm checking in everyday to see the latest development...apparently like everyone else! Thanks for keeping us posted--keep it coming! :)
Please tell me that Russ will post some pictures soon after Josie's arrival?!
Many prayers for you right now!

I'm SO excited! :)

Mama Callie said...

You will quickly master how to prop Josie on the boppy for feeding and hold your book out over her. Those first few weeks can get really boring when all you do is sit down to feed the baby...and daytime television gets old really quick. I loved to read while Josiah ate (He never gazed into my eyes for bonding moments--he just got down to business, usually with his eyes closed). SO--stock up some good books and enjoy it while you can!