Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family addition

We went to Nana's this past weekend for Josie and Camden's birthday celebrations. Here are some pictures of the family with Josie.

Camden (3) and Josie.

Raleigh (4) and Josie.

All 3 sweet girls.

Four generations.

This is my favorite picture of Thomas with Josie. Josie is in the bassinet that is 4-5 generations old in Russ' family. His great grandmother slept in it as an infant. I love old school traditions like this. Thomas thought it was great that Josie was at his level. He was so excited that he started howling. Josie yawned at the same time. So we have them both howling. For those of you dog people. Thomas is doing really well with Josie. He has offically traded in his night time space at the foot of our bed for the foot of Josie's crib. At night when I go in there to nurse he looks up at me like "I am so glad you came. Geez, I have been waiting for you to get in here." And then of course falls right back asleep. We are continuing to work on the licking thing. He wants to lick her so bad. "No lick" is said quite frequently these days.

My sweet brother KC. He was the cutest thing ever during my pregnancy. Calling me to see how I was doing. Always wanting to touch my belly when we were together and then after delivering...quickly taking me to eat sushi :).

Gramps and Josie.

Mimi and Josie.

Kevin, Raleigh and Josie.

More to come.
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Kelly Ford said...

Oh, i'm so glad your all doing so well. And i am a total dog person so i'm thrilled that thomas has taken to josie that way...its precious.