Thursday, June 19, 2008

First outing

My sweet mother-in-law paid for my house to get cleaned. So Josie and I headed to Katie and Bella's house to be out of the way.

We had lots of fun chillin out. Katie provided me one of my favorite lunches (Grant Central salad). Here are the girls hanging out. The first of many play dates.

Katie and Bella.

Our attempt at a group timer shot.

Don't worry. Their already best friends.

My sweet girl.


Lindsey & Jace said...

I am SO impressed that you're out and about in just a week!! She's beautiful.

morgan collins said...

so fun! they look precious together!

Randy and Katie said...

Congrats Kristy and Russ! What a precious little girl...I hope you are enjoying every moment!

Shea said...

You look fantastic!

KatieMGreen said...

it was fun! what is funny is that you have the newborn and you had the shower... what's my prob? jk jk.
looking forward to our time together that we've been talking about... josie and bella and mama time!

Matt and Kim said...

I cannot get over how adorable she is!

Katherine said...

Hey guys! Congratulations! We're so glad to know there is another little red headed girl around. Josie is a precious gift. Many blessings! Love, Katherine, Kasey and Kemp Wells