Monday, June 9, 2008


Still pregnant.
Trying to enjoy just hanging around the house.
Katie, Bella and I went to 5 guys together for lunch.
Always yummy.
I organized my recipes and several other things.
I also made banana pudding from scratch. I am hoping it will taste close to my nana's.
More like, Russ is hoping.
Russ and I go to the doctor tomorrow for an ultrasound.
Looking forward to it.


Julie said...

Boy that banana pudding looks good - even better than Paula Deen! Looking forward to the news about the ultrasound!

morgan collins said...

yummy! look at you baking while you're pregenta...impressed.

Randy and Katie said...

so funny...reminds me when I was overdue- reorganizing everything! and, I ate at 5 guys the day before I gave birth...maybe the same thing will happen for you!

livinmividaloca said...

i keep checking on you...i'm ready for this baby!!!!!!!!!!