Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 Year Anniversary Today

In honor of Russ and I's marriage I will post.
We have been married for 4 quick years.
Meaning... we have had so much fun for 4 years that it has flown by.
I really am married to my best friend.
I know lots of people say that but it is still pretty awesome.

Russ and I were discussing the sacredness of the marriage institution the other morning. (This is why it is fun to be married to a pastor, you get these discussions on the side.) We had both listened to a morning show in which the jockeys could not believe people waited until they were married to have sex. Needless to say most of the conversation was very self focused. Russ and I reflected on how marriage isn't really about one person. So many people get married in order to "be happier" these days. But truly if you are not happy with yourself in Christ before you get married then you will still never find that in marriage. This is my soapbox for why I think divorce is so common these days. People are seeking happiness in marriage when true happiness if found with Christ in us.

In trying to think of something creative to share about Russ I have decided to share the fun things I love about him that most people don't know.
1. He LOVES chores. (Mostly outside chores and home improvement chores, but it is still awesome.)
2. He enjoys routine to the same extent that I do.
(Daily routines with some flex.)
3. He has a major soft spot for dogs.
(Reads the books... cries, stops to help a stray dog at any moment.)
4. He enjoys looking at houses and decor etc. as much as I do.
5. He will eat anything I make and honestly think it is wonderful.
6. We work really well as a team ministering to people who are lonely, hurt or just in need of Jesus.
7. He is super smart and challenges me on a weekly basis to further my knowledge of Christ and intellect in general.
8. He listens to me when I tell him he can't where his Chaco's to church or a wedding.
9. He is going to be a rockin' dad to our little girl.
10. He truly loves me for me. Even inflated.


Shea said...

Happy Anniversary, kids!

morgan collins said...

love it. love yall.

Hudlow Family said...

Happy Anniversary!

Julie said...

Wow, those 4 years went quick! And I agree - Being married to your best friend is the greatest.

worshipdesign@thevine said...

this is precious :)
i'm so excited for Josie because God hooked her up with cool parents!