Saturday, October 31, 2009

renovation time...again

we are currently involved in the largest renovation of our home to date.  (our reason for the lack of blogging.)  for those of you that know our house these are some of the changes, so far.
* our room is now josie's room
* russ and i have been sleeping on the pull out couch for 2 weeks now.
(i kind of like watching tv while going to sleep, i feel like i am on vacation)
* our closet has thrown up and exist on our dinning room table
* there are strange men in our house a lot.
* no cleaning for me...the house is a wreck all the time and will only get worse

the goal is a master suite (bathroom and walk-in closet).  things are coming along really well. when you live in an old small house little things seem really great.  russ and i are so excited to not have share a sink or a closet.  

hopefully, the saw dust will settle soon and i can upload some pictures.

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Kelly Ford said...

Cant wait for the pics!