Sunday, November 8, 2009

sick pumpkin

Update, I have now been sleeping on the pull out couch (with Russ of course) for a good month.  Here is a picture of a smidgen of our chaos.  The Lord has surely taught me to relinquish control by now right??Here are some pictures of the sweetest strawberry you have ever seen while she trick-or treat's around our neighborhood.

I have one cute little sick pumpkin (just a bad cold) therefore we were at home the whole day.  (Which I am not good at....) I lasted till about 4:00 and then I quickly made up an errand that needed to be done. i.e. get contractor trash bags from Lowe's...really?? I also, in my mom intuition, decided that Josie had a sore throat.  Which called for a frosted orange from The Varsity. Yes, I am Frankie Queen's not only does a Coc-a-cola fix a headache but a frosted orange from the Varsity fixes a sore throat.  

Two funny children happenings occurred today amidst our house of renovation craziness and child with sickness.  These two worlds colliding produce one freed up Mama.  If not, I would cry the whole day.    

So I am in Josie's room putting away her clothes when I realize... "it is way too quite in there."  I walk in the den to see Josie painting Thomas with her red Tylenol.  How could I not laugh and take a picture??.... Awesome.

Second happening, in our kitchen a wall was torn down.  Well there is a place on the floor that is waiting to be patched up.  Josie tripped on it this evening and landed her fanny directly in Thomas' water bowl.  It was hilarious.  I wanted to take a picture but Josie was in some distress so I thought that might be cruel.  Water was everywhere.
Hope you got a laugh with us!
I hope to be a better blogger.


KatieMGreen said...

that is one cute strawberry!!!

Josh and Donna said...

love her costume! got your message, sundays are crazy for us so i didn't call back. you just holler when you're ready to reschedule!

McCall said...

Love it! She is too funny.

Stephanie said...

hilarious stories.
way to not freak out that she was in the medicine! can't wait until the day where there will be pics of the finished product on the house!!

miss you, friend!

Allison Wolfe said...

What a cute costume! And I especially love how she is straddling Thomas to paint on him. He's such a good dog! I'm not sure Otis is going to be as patient!