Wednesday, June 17, 2009

burfday celebrations!!!

first day of being one....breakfast name treat (ganked from the Jenkins)
couldn't do pancakes yet...I started with croissants and eggs.

We had a leadership dinner for church at the Gray's house.  Mrs. Linda got Josie a cupcake.  She was say the least.

On Saturday we had family over to celebrate.  Here are some pictures from our celebration beforehand.  Needless to say, I had someone else take pictures during the party.  (Don't have those yet.)

Cousin Emma gave Josie this baby stroller.  Here we have her with her two favorite things.  Books and a stroller.  She did this all by herself.  Obviously,  I feel her face in this picture shows she is "busted."

We have an official walker.  She is a girl on the move, loving every minute of this freedom.  Literally, it took her one day to figure up how to stand up on her own.  She is one determined little girl.  Pretty sure she got that from Russ.

Apparently it is innate within girls to accessorize.


Stephanie said...

1. wahoo! yeah-congrats, miss josie for turning 1!?! and to your parents for having a daughter that is already ONE?!?!? :)

2. LOVE that she is accessorizing.

3. she's walking!?! what!?!?

4. i love that we both have dora, and probably seasame street, in our worlds.

Mama Callie said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Josie! My favorite part of the video is Thomas following behind as if he is her spotter. I love how they are the best of friends!

Josh and Donna said...

happy birfday josie!! yay you, you are so CUTE!