Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A list...of 5 things we have been doing lately.

1.  Swim lessons at the Y.  Josie loved it and did great.  Ok, maybe they weren't lessons.  More like get comfortable with the water and a baby lessons for me.  Regardless, she loved it.
2.  Playing at the lake.  Russ' Granny has a great lake cabin.  We stayed the whole weekend, despite the crummy weather Memorial Day weekend.  Josie loved riding on the boat. But not so much wearing the lifejacket.  

(This is excited yelling by the way!)

(This face is.... not excited.  Mad at this lifejacket face.)
And of course Thomas loves the lake.  Especially, riding on the boat.  He will run down to the dock even when the boat is docked and sit on the front of the boat.  Ready to go.

Josie loved playing with Granny's walker.  It was a large version of her own.  Below is a video of her craziness with the walker.  She can maneuver that thing like a champ.

3.  Visiting the zoo with friends.  Josie's birthday is the 11th of June.  Yep, this time last year I was major preggo.  I remember it like yesterday.  For her birthday she received an annual pass to the zoo.  I figured we smell the elephant poo when walking by, so frequently, that we might as well go see what is making all that smell.  And it is great to just be able to walk in for a hour or so and walk back home.  I purchased a friend pass so if you want to join me at the zoo you can come for free with me.
Here are some pictures of our fun times with Maci and her girls Allyn and Hollis.

4. Visiting the Grant Park Pool.  Just a block away.  Not to mention it is the best people watching in town.

5.  Enjoying Russ being home from Guatemala.  
He got a new grill for his birthday!  Needless to say we grill out as much as possible.

More to come with the birthday celebration coming!


KatieMGreen said...

me. you. pool :30.

morgan collins said...

looks like fun times at the masterson house!!

Matt and Kim said...

Fun times! I work with Maci's mother-in-law at Sugar Hill! I recognized the kids names! Small world!

Suzanne said...

Tell Russ I'm sorry but that girl's got QUEEN written all over her! Not an ounce of Masterson! hehe

Love the shout out to "Blue Sky" on his shirt...that would make the shirt about....oh...12 years old?? I know this because I'm wearing mine today too! haha