Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ten things i honestly did not know i would gain upon becoming a mom...

* of course there are more than ten but boredom would come to the audience, therefore, i have condensed.
* these are all real...meaning i honestly had no idea this would happen
* i love miss josie jay a ton.

1. superman ears....dude i can hear her whimper from is like in my soul
2. selflessness...granted this is partially forced if you want to have a life that functions...but it has been so good for me.
3. perspective...dang if i don't feel like a grown up with some of my own random thoughts these days.
4. tense shoulders....yep... all the time.
5. ability to straighten my house 5 times in one day and still not have a straight house...i know this only gets worse.
6. appreciation for moms.... i respect my friends so much more who are well as my mom and russ' mom...tons o' respect
7. ability to think i look cute even though i haven't taken a shower.
8. ability to multitask...i had no idea what multitasking truly was till i was a mom.
9. appreciation for bedtime
10. true joy in having your child smile at you when you go to pick them up out of the crib...i had no idea previously what it felt like to have your heart melt.

Praise the Lord for His gift of motherhood.
"Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

What have you gained upon being a mom, that you didn't imagine??


Mama Callie said...

I agree with your whole list...I would add "empathy for mothers of grown children" because I can finally understand how they see their children even once they are grown and "appreciation for waking up after 7am" or perhaps "appreciation of 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep" because I rarely see either.

Katie Barnett said...

Love your list, Kristy! Becoming a mom has been so wonderful! Things that I have gained: The ability to cook, clean, etc. with a babe in one arm! and the understanding or recognition of just how much my own mom loves me...totally blows me away and never fully understood it until I had my own!

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Mine is probably ridiculous, but I think I've become a germophobe! Any kids with snotty noses or dirty hands better stay away from my baby! I have now survived enough colds and one stomach bug with him that I don't want him near anyone or anything that might take us down the sick road again. I know I can't protect him from all germs and, ultimately, it's good for building his immune system, but I still try to keep him as healthy as possible. I keep antibacterial wipes with me at all times...even the shopping carts get full wipe downs before Tyler gets in them!!!

Maybe I've just gone crazy since I became a mom... :)

Mary said...

I loved being a young mom and enjoyed all the blessings you are now receiving. Now I continue to receive blessings of being a mom. One of the greatest is having you for a daughter-in-law and having my precious Josie as my sweet granddaughter. Mary