Monday, October 20, 2008


lynlee hudlow tagged me in regards to quirkiness.... here are my top five
Quirk #1 I hate. hate. hate.... wrong spellings that are done on purpose. Such as a gas station that might be called Kaufman's Korner. Can't handle it...Corner is spelled with a C not a K. You are doing an injustice to all children by confusing them and the spelling rules they have learned previously. The English language is hard enough. Geez.

Quirk #2 Wet bread. Let's say you had a roll for dinner and did not eat all of it. What do you do with that left over sliver of bread? In my house... it goes in the trash can. Not in the sink. I hate it when there is wet, soggy bread just chillin in your sink. Someone has to touch it to push it down the disposal. Yuck.
Quirk #3 Everyday upon picking out my outfit I try to figure out how it will coordinate with Chacos. Seriously, this has become almost subconscious. Does the outfit have black or brown?... ok... I am good to go.
Quirk #4 I have a personal problem aka instant bad mood, when the sun comes out after it rains. I know some people like this... this is when rainbows come... etc. etc. I can't stand it. It is musty, smelly, the sun reflects of the puddles and it gives me a headache.
Quirk #5 I do not walk around the house barefoot. No ones house. I don't wear house shoes either... I have tried. Instead... it is my good ol' J. Crew flip flops (to which Lynlee and I share the same addiction). Whether it is winter or summer in my house I shall wear flip flops.
Let the crazy quirkiness continue with... McCall, Kelly Ford and Donna Bennett.

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morgan collins said...

wet bread? gross! who does that? I've never lived in a house with a disposal so I guess I wouldn't understand.