Saturday, October 25, 2008

missing russ... especially on gameday

it is tough to watch a uga game by yourself. i tivoed the game in normal masterson family fashion. started watching it with my dad....who taught me all about football. he fell asleep therefore i was left with no one (not even thomas) to discuss the game with. and it was an awesome game. best game of the season thus far. so after it was over i did a recap for russ via email. hard to do. just not the same.

for those of you who are wondering... russ is doing good. he was visiting the sea of Galilee but is now in Jerusalem (which he is very excited about). he said it is truly a city on a hill.

being a pastor's wife you don't get to visit other churches very often.... ok... not really at all. but tomorrow i get to go to my brother's church. which i am excited about. we call that a "church vacation." yippeee!!

sorry for no pics. i forgot the cord at home.


Josh and Donna said...

try not to get Son burnt on your chuch vacation. ha!

kristymasterson said...

oh donna. how i miss you.