Saturday, October 11, 2008

little lizard is four months old...haircut time

Four months old today... here is our week in pictures and one video.

Josie is our little Lizard.
She loves to stick out her tongue.

We visited with our cousins some this week.
Josie and I have been hanging out at my parents house some. Taking care of things that need to be done. Dad is at home now to recoop. He needs lots of rest and so does Josie....therefore they are a perfect pair.

Haircut.... Josie has a mullet. She was born with it. Southern girl genetics... I guess. Well, Russ and I couldn't take it any longer. We trimmed it a little. There is a video below. (It is probably weird that we video taped this... I know.) No more party in the back!



Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

This is the funniest thing EVER!!! I am SO glad y'all videotaped the special event! Billy Ray Cyrus would have been proud!

And, I am thrilled to hear that your dad is back at home. I am sure his recovery will be much more comfortable there than in the hospital. He's sure got a great group to love on him!

KatieMGreen said...

i love it!!! i love that profile picture of Josie - so cute even with the mullett!! kristy she's growing so quickly!!

morgan collins said...

awww I liked her little mullet. I hope you saved that that weird?

Kelly Ford said...

I love it! You know your cute when you can pull off a mullet! ADORABLE! And your looking lovely as always!

lalandress said...

i love your mom's laugh! i love things that you hear or see that make you think of specific people or a specific time in your life! i would know her laugh anywhere!

Josh and Donna said...

i applaud your mullet removal efforts!

darlenecollins said...

This is sooo cute Tanner was sitting on my lap and watching Josie talk and out of nowhere she started the same noises and got very excited, finally someone spoke her lanquage. She is just 6 months, and hasnt been around many babies. Morgan should bring her to your house for a play date. Hope your Dad is doing better. Tell him we are thinking of him.

The Jacobs Family said...

That is hilarious. Why is it that baby's always start with a mullett? I don't get that, but then again I love God's sense of humor.