Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i went to turbo kick tonight at the ymca. it was quite fun, lots of dancing and punching. that is what you get at the east lake y. what what!! i didn't feel like a mom. (which is kind of nice sometimes) except when i was doing ab workouts... c-section= no stomach muscles...geez .

then i came home to this sweet girl.
talkin and talkin.
my sweet josephine.



morgan collins said...

LOVE IT!!!!! so sweet! ps thomas is a very loud breather:)

Chris Green said...

i love thomas in the background!!
she is getting cuter everyday... if that's possible. i love baby talk!

(this comment is from Katie)

Julie said...

Love it!! She is such a bundle of joy - I loved seeing her on Sunday & holding her. And was that Thomas or Russ panting in the background? And I love that I beat Katie to the 1st post!

Julie said...

Rats! I didn't beat Katie!!!! She is faster than me. :(

Reeder Family said...

Okay, that is Precious!! She is getting so big! Oh sweet baby moments - how I miss that age! She is beautiful!

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Oh, gosh...that is precious!!

Totally made those crunches worth it, right?!?!?

The Mattox Family said...

I can't believe how big Josie is. Presious little girl! Can't wait to see her again. love you guys!

The Mattox Family said...

I spelled precious wrong. Just needed to let you know that I do know how to spell it. :)

Hudlow Family said...

Read my blog, you've been tagged