Thursday, September 25, 2008


We left for Williamsburg last Thursday. Josie was excited to ride on a plane for the first time. Ok...she really didn't know what was going on but this is still a cute picture. She did awesome on the plane...she did however fill up her diaper twice while on the 1.5 hour flight. My wonderful husband volunteered to change her. He is awesome. Here is Josie and Russ in the plane.
Josie loved rocking in the recliner with her Uncle Steve and loved just looking and laughing at sweet Emma.

While we were there we visited Jamestowne, Williamsburg and William and Mary. We had a blast just hanging out with Sherry and Steve after the girls went to bed. We ate great food and watched some awesome football throughout the weekend. It is such a blessing to have great family! Here we are on our picnic in Jamestowne. (Brother and Sister.... aren't they cute with their daughters!)


KatieMGreen said...

she is soooo cute! I love the pic with the bookbag. it's a good mark to how much she is growing.

Stephanie said...

fun post. love it up there. can only imagine living there.
miss you! think of you SO often. MUCH love for you girl.
*i've been doing my "joan queen" this week--carrying a clothes hamper around with all my tons of things in it, from one place to the next! :) makes me think of yall. :) moving is, kinda. i am pumped to be back in WF. loving the challenge to downsize and nest again.
love the blog. josie is just precious.

morgan collins said...

looks like yall had fun! I can't believe she filled up 2 diapers! the flight wasn't that long was it?!:)

Chelsie McIver said...

i love her red hair!! :):) she's just too precious!

Katie Barnett said...

Josie- I look at her and see Russ and see Kristy! She is just so smoochable and I love it! You are starting to get into the more interactive stage now- so much FUN!

Stacy said...

Hi Kristy....I love reading your blog everyday! I finally started a blog

Josie is sooo cute Kristy! Please tell Russ hello for me too.